Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Revolution Will Be Blogged

There must be some accountability. Otherwise, I'll just keep rolling along not getting better with my hormone/anxiety/whatevertheheck situation with my emotional well-being, my house will stay a wreck, the laundry will remain in a giant pile in the middle of the house, the dishes will get washed only when I don't have room to run any water from the sink, and when I get home at the end of every day, someone will ask the question that makes me want to pull my eyes out, "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" and I will have a nervous breakdown.

And so I've begun this effort over here, where I'll be journaling my ongoing struggle, and I'm kind of hoping that some of you, especially the ones who left the brilliant comments on this post about meal planning, might stop by every once in a while and impart some wisdom. Because, for me, this is really HARD. It's HARD to go to work, come home, make food, bathe child, do laundry, clean up dinner (and everything else that needs cleaning up). Wah, wah, wah. Those of you who are thinking, "That's LIFE, Belinda--what are you whining about?" You are the ones I want to hear from, because I think you can help me along. Those of you who are just reading this in tears, nodding along, maybe you can relate.

When I was discussing the grand upcoming changes I have planned, I told Alex, "There is going to be a CHORE CHART. There will be regular, daily chores, chores that WILL be done, every single day, and they will be assigned to specific people, and those people will DO THEM." He reached over and hugged me, patting my back, and nodding his head, asked, "Where are we going to GET these people?" Yep, that's my man. I hope I can drag us both kicking and screaming into a more orderly, peaceful life. He needs it, I need it, Bella needs it. It's time. Join me, if you like, as I attempt to GET IT TOGETHER, STARTING NOW.

And now on to today's anecdote from the weird workings of the mind of my child. While I'm loading the dishwasher, she asks me:

"Mommy, did you love Alex (she called him "Alex" just that once) when you married him?"

Me: "Why, yes, I did love Alex when I married him. Very much."

Bella: " 'Cuz you thought he was gonna be good, huh?"

Me: "Can you think of a better reason?"


  1. I love talking about stuff like this. I'll guest blog, if you want. I can blog either side, cuz I swing both ways, baby. Mostly though, I'd say I'm a lazy slob, who has things in hand.

  2. I'm with ya, girlfriend. I already put the Get it Together blog on my list of favorites. Here's a site that I have found helpful in my own organizational efforts:

    One thing I have done as I've gotten older is prioritize. I make lists of what needs to be done and when and do my best to stick to them.