Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here and There

Thanks a million for all the fantastic dinner-planning and school snack suggestions on the previous post, and by all means, keep 'em coming! The internets are BRILLIANT.

We're not home today, but you can find us plenty of other places.

I've posted, and Alex has even come out of lurkdom in the form of a great commentary at RealMental.

We're having a poodle party over at flickr...

Bear tries whispering sweet nothings in Delta's ear

It doesn't work: "Don't try that line with ME, Bub!

Would that I had a dozen more just like him

And we're bowling over at the Times blog...

already developing a consistent, if odd, style
Oh, and the part I forgot to tell on the Times blog: When we were getting ready to go bowling for the first time, I was explaining to Bella about how we would be taking off our shoes when we got there and getting special shoes to wear while we bowled. She took that in, and was quiet for a minute, and then asked, "We won't have to take our CLOTHES off, will we?" I said, "No, Honey, there won't be any Nekkid Bowling. Although I'm sure there would be a healthy demographic who would sign up for that," at which point Alex's hand shot up, as if he were volunteering.

And we're making chicken and dumplings over at Eat Arkansas.

12.  dished up


  1. Those look soooo good! If I come visit, will you promise to make me some??

  2. Your brother wanted to know the SAME THING.

  3. Question about the poodles: I saw on one of your descriptions that you said it's harder to breed the silvers for good conformation. Can you explain more about that? I want to buy a silver because they're so gorgeous, but guess I need to research this a little more.

  4. Well, silver breeders are probably going to have my head now! It's just been my experience that for so many years breeders were trying to "set" the color, that other things had to be put on the back burner. Well, now we have a pretty good grip on the color, and the dogs themselves are getting better and better. There ARE wonderfully bred silvers out there, in all three varieties. With my own dogs, right now, the black/blue family I have is far superior conformationally to the silver family...but the silver family is improving every generation! I would be more than happy to talk poodles to you and maybe direct you to breeders I know who are consistently producing fine silvers, if you'd like to email me, ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom.

  5. E-mail sent. Would really appreciate hearing your advice/ comments on this issue.mo

  6. yum! your dumplings look like what I think dumplings should look like. My Arkansas-born-and-bred mother-in-law always made the flat kind, kind of like spaetzle. So, of course, my kind is forever wrong in my husband's eyes!

  7. Kyran - My husband prefers the ones his mom and grandmom made, too, which were the rolled/cut kind. But I don't make those, so the fat fluffy ones are growing on him!