Thursday, September 20, 2007


Alex is trying to convince me to watch "DEATH PROOF" with him in his Big Loud T.V. Room.

Alex: "It's got Kurt Russell. You like him!"

Me: "I liked him in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes."

Alex: "I hear DEATH PROOF is a lot like that."

(Just an interesting aside--keywords for The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes include "kids and family" and "friendship." Keywords for DEATH PROOF include "car chase" and "beaten to death.")


  1. I don't know about you, but car chases tell me that they want to be friends and nothing says kids and family like the phrase "beaten to death."
    The only thing stopping me is that Quentin Tarentino directed it. It's all the swearing, not the off the wall and downright odd screenplays that he chooses. I mean really, does everybody talk like that?

  2. AH...It's me...sweetpeas from Twitter...I was hoping there would be a new one...but for movies? I think we are going to see Superbad tonight...I have heard it is HA.Larious!

  3. Kurt Russel was also 'Snake' Plisken.

    However he did co-star with Elvis. Maybe Death Proof is like an Elvis movie?

  4. Tom--apparently people in QT's world I(in his head) do. Have I ever mentioned my intense dislike of Quentin Tarantino? I do not like him in a box, I do not like him with a fox. And yes, I find his dialog to be totally unrealistic, overblown, pretentious and unbelievable. I find it hard to believe that anyone with more than, say, 200 words in their vocabulary talks like that. If you're having to use "f***" 9 times per sentence, you should, perhaps, learn a few more words. We have plenty.

  5. Well, I quite enjoyed the entire Grindhouse experience. The car chase in Death Proof, once you get to it, through the ridiculous story, is quite amazing. Now did he write Pulp Fiction? Because the dialog in that was great. I don't think he's done a movie yet that was suppose to be "believeable" or "touching". He fills a niche and fills it well. The commercials in between the two films were hysterical, I wonder if they made it to the dvd?

    PS. HEROES starts tonight! If I can even remember the link to the login for the times I have a post about me if you get a chance with that.

  6. I loved Death Proof! (Not sure what that says about my evil twisted mind, but hey, *I* live with poodles, so I've been pretty twisted already by them!)

    I liked Death Proof much better than Planet Terror...I can only take so much over the top zombie blood, guts, and gore stuff. The begining part of Death Proof was a drag, as rickey! stated above, but once you get to the car chase, then it's on!!

    (What's really interesting is that The Man like Planet Terror more than Death Proof...wonder if it's one of those "battle of the sexes" thing?!!)

  7. Well, duh, Belinda. Alex clearly has excellent taste and you should just stop bothering him and sit in that loud tv room and watch it. Stop being so difficult.

    It has Kurt Russell.

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