Saturday, August 11, 2007

Posting About Why I'm Not Posting

Because all of my Very Important Data (and pictures, which are of crucial importance to The Ridiculous Incident of the Fried Raccoon in the Nighttime story) are stored on big honkin' laptop. Which I can't use, because we've burned through yet another Dell power-cord. And because, to Dell, "overnight shipping" apparently means that yes, they will send it overnight, but not until NEXT TUESDAY, and will not tell you that "overnight" does not mean "overnight" until a couple days after you were expecting your package to arrive. No matter how I manipulate the stupid thing, I cannot get even a fraction of an ounce of juice to that doorstop laptop, not even for long enough to hop everything I need onto a jump drive so that I can carry it upstairs to the PC.

Is very frustrating.

In other news, Alex just came up here, and while shutting the door to this room, said, "Hey, be sure not to let Chuck out."

Me: "Chuck?"

Alex: "Yeah. He'll bother Odette."

Me: "Who is CHUCK?"

Alex: "Jack."


  1. I'm not sure I want to know how many Google hits you get for "fried raccoon."

    Yes. Yes, I do.


  2. Fried Raccoon? Do tell.

    Dell=triumph of globalization (low prices, crappy stuff, Indian tech support).

  3. Nuhn-unh. I refuse to tell the fried raccoon story until I have my PICTURES. Hopefully tomorrow. Dell has its problems, but they were very, very good to me recently, so I'm kind of optimistic this time, too...we'll see. Previous Dell story, see here:

  4. I hope Dell hurries up because I want to hear the fried raccoon story:o)

  5. And now--NOW, I have The Tale of the Waterlogged Squirrel to add. WITH PICTURES.

  6. Ok, we need the pictures of the Waterlogged Squirrel and the Fried Raccoon!!