Monday, August 27, 2007

The BIG GIRL Bed--I'm Going To Cry Now


  1. Did she actually manage to get any sleep?

    The night my girl moved into her very first big-girl bed ( many years ago), I DID cry!

  2. OMG how sweet!

    Don't cry....

    Oh sheets.. now I'm gonna cry.

  3. My mom still buys me extra cool sheets for Christmas. She started when I got my first big girl bed (and I am old) We've gone from pink and purple (no disney as I am old) to 600ct cotton. It's a great tradition I'll do it for my girls...

    In fact, for years she took my worn out sheets. When I moved to my first apt. she gave me a quilt made of my old sheets. As you can imagine, my mom cried alot over big girl beds and the empty nest that came many years later :-)

    cheer up, she still needs you!

  4. I love how her head is exactly between the two princess' :D

  5. My mom buys all my sheets & quilts too. It's like a hug from your mom at the end of the day :)

  6. That's okay, you can go cry!!! I just love how absolutely happy she is in this picture!!!