Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive

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Besides a couple of generous bloggers with older children who've outgrown their beginner books, my sister responded to yesterday's post, um...enthusiastically. That had to be close to 70 pounds of books, right there. Bella is in book heaven.

OH, and she is also giddily enjoying having her own email address. I'm doing most of the heavy lifting on the GoodReads page (my words always identified as mine, though), but Bella's email is HERS. Don't forget it. Actually, if you do, it's OK...she will remind you. Loudly. She is the ONLY ONE allowed to type a reply to any of HER emails.

In case you're thinking of doing something similar, let me just give you my observations so far. The delight of a preschooler receiving and reading email messages to herself? And then responding? And squealing, "YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT!" when Gmail pops that up on the screen? ADORABLE.

The sitting on your hands, with their twitchy, twitchy typing fingers, that you have to do while she hunts and pecks, doesn't capitalize anything, and takes to do finish? A little bit agonizing. Today she wrote "wood" instead of "would" in a reply to a message from her daddy, and absolutely did not believe me when I told her the correct spelling, and ended the argument with, "Well, that's how I'm spelling it today."

There was also a minor meltdown about the word "eight," because, and I quote, "ATE DOESN'T SPELL LIKE THAT!"

Some thing are not worth arguing about.


  1. You are going to have fun with her:o) My nieces will drive me up the wall having me spell every word out for them to write notes. You just want to grab the pen and do it yourself, quickly!!!

    I will see if my niece wants to write Bella when she gets back form vacation.

  2. Ha! I remember asking those same questions of my parents when I was a kid... some parts of the English language simply defy logic.

  3. I am deeply into the "How do you spell..." stage with Gab. She gets a real answer if I am free or a "sound it out" if I am working. Poor girl is going into first grade and needs a dictionary because Mom is busy. ;-)

    I will let her get her own email address, but am giving her your email address to ask the "How do I spell..." questions. ;-)

  4. OK, if I get Gabriella an email address (I already got one for Caleb) can she be pen pals... uh, e-pals with Bella? Because I think she would love that.

  5. Oh, you bet--especially since Bella has seen so many of your flickr photos already!