Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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I picked up this little paperback, "Biscuit Goes To School," while I was shopping the other day, because Bella has been like a famished person let into a feast as the world of words has opened up to her, and is always looking for something new to try to read. This one said "shared reading," meaning that a parent reads it to, and then along with, the child, as they familiarize themselves with the words through repetition.

But while I was putting away groceries, she found the book, grabbed it up, and sat down on her little step-stool in the kitchen, and proceeded to read the entire thing, all by herself. I have no idea how she figured out the word "Biscuit." You never saw a happier child in all your life, and she gained confidence and speed from page to page, reading about Biscuit the dog going to school.

I love that she does the inflections and everything--and then lectures me on the use of punctuation, which she learned on "The Electric Company" DVDs.

When she clapped it shut with a loud, "THE END!" her face was beaming, and she declared, "I read that WHOLE book ALL BY MYSELF!"

You sure did, kiddo. More on the way, I promise. And on that note, Bella would like to announce that she has her very own goodreads.com account (it says she is 12 years old, because that's the youngest age you can put in the profile), where she is gradually going through her repertoire of books and grading what she likes and doesn't (so far everything she has is either a 4 or 5-star rating, except for "Goodnight, Moon," which she has never liked), and putting things on her "to read" list that she would like to have (attention grandmothers, aunts, cousins, uncles, nephews--you will never have to think, "I wonder if Isabella has that book yet?" because if it's on her "to read" list, then she does NOT have it). Here's the link to her profile.

And since she's driving me buggy reading my email over my shoulder, she now has her VERY OWN email address, at which she would LOVE to receive short, simple messages that she can read ALL BY HERSELF. It is BellaBoo2002@gmail.com. And before you laugh, you need to realize how many names we had to burn through to get THAT one.

And if anyone would like to join ME on GoodReads, I'd just love it. I love geeking out over books, and comments on reviews, and getting recommendations from others of you. My profile is also linked in the lower right sidebar, and MY email is ninjapoodles@gmail.com. Thank you to Sheryl of PaperNapkin for bringing me into the goodreads fold!

Reading is FUNdamental!!


  1. oh that is fantastic!!! I love that you are fostering Bella's love of reading - I can't emphasis enough how important reading is for the development of a child, particularly in the world of academics.

    I see great things for this girl in the future!

  2. VG--I am so glad to see you here! You'll have to go over to GoodReads, and not only be MY friend, but make recommendations to Bella's list, from YOUR childhood faves. She is eating this stuff up. And it's still another year before Kindergarten. *sigh*

  3. OMG! Now I am totally freaking out wondering what happens to Biscuit at school! Silly Biscuit, I hope he doesn't get into any trouble!

    I love children's books. :-)

  4. I love that your daughter can read already. :)

    I am writing her an email right now. I'm all about encouraging her to read anything she can get her little hands on, because I think it is great when children love to read. So when you see the email with the header "Hello, Bella!", that's from me. :)

  5. Yay! Goodreads is probably the best website on the internet. I was lamenting to my husband that it's too bad that single-issue comic books are categorized as "serials" (like magazines) and don't get ISBN numbers, because Goodreads would be AWESOME for people to find other good comics. If something is in trade paper back, it's on there.

    I'll have to think up some suggestions for Bella... trying to go back to kindergarten mode...


  6. Aww!!

    I'll have to add Bella to my goodreads friends. :)

    I mean, I've stolen enough of YOUR books...:)

  7. I love to see children fall in love with reading so young!!! I will have to add her as a friend.

    I love the Bella Boo name, my niece's nickname is Bailey Boo. In fact she leaves out her middle name and says it is" Bailey Boo" when asked what her name is:o)

  8. OK, I'm signing onto anything that involves books. My username is Deodand.

  9. I am so proud of her -- and so happy that she's proud of herself! One of the best things about being a teacher is the "required" reading: I get to read all kinds of children's books.

  10. I sent Bella an email! That is great that she is already reading! My boys both liked those books about Biscuit, too.

    Thanks for the tip about GoodReads, sounds like my kind of site! I'll get an account set up and then look for Bella's recommendations :)