Friday, July 20, 2007

Weary of Stating the Obvious

Me: "Bella, you do know that you wear me OUT, right?"

Bella: "Yes. I do!"

Me: "Why do you do it, then?"

Bella: "It's just WHAT I DO." (pause) "And I'm tired of telling you things you already know."


  1. Because you've never had to tell her things she already knows, right?

    She's a doll. Love her, love her.

  2. Oh she is just too awesome for words!

  3. Belinda,
    As an Early Childhood Educator(fancy name for preschool teacher) for nigh onto 25 years, I would like to say that there is nothing more precocious than a 41/2 yr old girl. One minute you want to slap them silly, and the next you want to wrap your arms around them in a hug that will never end. The only thing better(and worse) than living with one, is having a classroom full of them. I just love it.

  4. "I love you, but you wear me out" is my all time favorite line from kid literature... The book is Oliva, by Ian Falconer. Do you have it? Are you aware you need it?

    Kate, yet another ECE galoot.

  5. I think Aleah nailed it. And Kate, I will get that book!

  6. Oh she is too cute!!! Like my 4 1/2 yr old niece informing my sister that she wet the chair while she slept because she was drunk! She said that she was drunk with some water and some milk:o) They come up with the funniest things!!

  7. ROFL!!

    I absolutely love your little viking. :)

  8. Were her hands on her hips when she said it? if so, you are really in for big trouble!