Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Delta the big wimpy poodle is sitting bolt upright in our bed, on Alex's pillow specifically, shivering and staring into space with glazed-over eyes that have the whites showing all the way around.

Someone somewhere is discharging fireworks--far enough away that none of the human occupants of this house can hear them, but presumably somewhere within the AR/LA/TX/OK/MO/TN area. So, if you're within 500 miles of central Arkansas, and you're shooting firecrackers, knock it off, wouldja?

If we have the predicted thunderstorm today as well, I am going to be peeling this dog off the ceiling.


  1. Oh, I have already gotten the valium stuffed into hotdogs.To stuff into my dogs at fireworks time.
    Are you guys going somewhere to watch things go boom, or are you gonna stay home and peel poodles off of the ceiling?
    Ming Lee seems fine with all of the noise (the Chinese invented fireworks after all), but Lucy goes BEEZERK everytime some kid in North Dakota shots off a black cat.
    Sweet Jeebus let the fireworks get rained out.

  2. that should read SHOOTS off a Black Cat.
    I doubt anyone in No Dak is shooting cats.
    Well, maybe.

  3. Not me. I promise. Twas not me.

  4. our cat, when we had one, was scared of everything, except wife.imp and myself. fireworks merely reinforced her behaviour

  5. I like the idea that somewhere, in North Dakota, someone is doing shots (I'm imagining it's tequila, so that there is follow-up licking involved) off a cat.

  6. I have a Ninja Cat right now! I've begged and pleaded with the neighbors, but they still are going off! Aagh-cat on ceiling -cat under bed - cat hiding behind claw foot tub - beware where you step! :D

  7. I dread the 4th and New Year's for this very reason. Chauncey hates them, she shivers uncontrollably and becomes like a tick. Thankfully, Jasmine and Blueberry could care less, of course they enjoy the hunting and guns don't bother them. Chauncey has hated big booms even as a puppy we went to ahunt test and she shook the whole time.