Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Some interesting moments with my child lately--and to think I've been concerned about her being overly influenced by her uber-conservative preschool. Not to worry, apparently.

First, one day she wanted to watch "Crashbox," an educational children's show on HBO Family. So when I went to turn on that channel, I missed it by one, and hit regular HBO, on a scene in "Lost World:Jurassic Park ," featuring Jeff Goldblum's "Ian Malcolm" character onscreen having an argument with his daughter "Kelly", played by Jessica Lee Chester, in the presence of whoever Julianne Moore was supposed to be playing. Anyway, in the space of that 30 seconds, in which no one is referred to as "Dad" or "Honey," or anything like that, Bella somehow knew that Kelly was Malcolm's daughter, I guess just by the dynamic between them, and told me, "Mommy, that man's daughter is being good to him." I was slightly surprised that she'd identified Kelly as the daughter, since, firstly, Julianne Moore certainly looked young enough to be Goldblum's daughter, and secondly, Chester is of a clearly different ethnicity than Goldblum.
Just out of curiosity, I asked Bella, "Which one of those girls is his daughter?" She looked at me like I was nine kinds of stupid, and answered, "The one in the red shirt." I think I'm going to like living in this new generation through her.

And then. There are things that you know you'll have to deal with, sooner or later, and sometimes they catch you by surprise when they don't come up on your Parenting Timetable where you think they should. Today, when we were having one of our lovey-dovey moments that comes between the whinings, Bella hugged me and told me, "I love you, Mommy." I answered, "I love you, too, Baby. You're the best thing I ever did." Then she threw me off my game just a little by announcing, "I'm gonna marry you!" To which I immediately and cleverly responded, "Uh...uh...well, well...WELL...ummmm...You can't marry ME, Sweetie. You have to find your own husband so I can get to be a grandmommy!" And then my world-wise preschooler daughter informed me that, "Well, sometimes women marry women and men marry men." THAT I had an answer for. "Well, nobody marries their own parent," I said. There. Took care of THAT.

But she wasn't done. "I'm not going to be a parent, anyway. I am going to be an artist." I asked, " babies for you, huh?" She could tell she was killing me with all this, and she was having a ball. Finally, a sly grin, a sideways look, and the concession, "Well, I think I will be an ARTIST PARENT."

You know what, kiddo? That's exactly what I always wanted to be. More power to you, Baby, and may both our dreams come true. And just as a bonus? May there always be poodles.


  1. I hope my baby turns out to be as sweet and smart as Bella.

  2. "An artist parent". Now that sounds just fine. I think I'll do that too when I grow up. D'oh!

    OK, you've convinced me; she's MY daughter! (Put up your dukes if you want to keep her!)

  3. Melissa, I don't see HOW your baby could be anything but the sweetest thing on earth. I can't wait! Promise to let me hold, cuddle, gush over, and inhale all the baby goodness!

    Andrea, maybe you have my...aspirations? Gimme!

  4. Belinda~~ She is way too wise already. And I hope her life is filled with art and happiness and babies....but most of all.......Poodles! As a matter of fact, she can have a few of mine. I can arrange that by this afternoon!

  5. Better an artist parent than a drunk hobo. That's my mantra now, anyway!

  6. Oh, I LOVE Crashbox!!! Yay Bella for liking it so much. Both of my boys have grown up enjoying that show...and maybe their parents too...

    Ready to party, Belinda?
    (or at least just have dinner...)


  7. wonderful story. Very emotionally intelligent and wise.

    Ry asked me to marry him during a lovey-dovey period. I too was caught off guard. I responded, "well I'm married to daddy already." Then I choked up, "well, then I'll marry both of you."

  8. I guess it does make sense when you're that young, and you have parents who love each other, that that's just what you DO when you really, really love someone--you marry them!

  9. Your Bella is a dozen kinds of awesome with more awesome sprinkled on top of that. :)

  10. And after all the diapers and illnesses and tantrums and everything else...

    That's how nature reminds you that it's worth it. ;)

  11. "An artist parent" -- what a wonderful phrase. She is an artist with words already, much like her mother.

  12. Cute post. It's great that your child is so open to different backgrounds.

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