Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Order of the Phoenix" One-Minute Movie Review

We were fortunate enough to have been offered VIP tickets to a catered preview-screening of the latest Harry Potter film, which opens tomorrow. Here you see the excited faces of Bella and Grayson after the meal but before the movie:

I'm a 'VIP'!  What's a 'VIP'?


We don't have "after" shots, because we were just so desperate to escape once it was over, we didn't think of anything else. Nutshell review from Alex and me: Longest movie evaaaaaar. We are pretty sure we could have pieced it together in 27 minutes, with plenty to spare.

My 10-year-old nephew, Grayson, rates every movie he sees with either a numeric 1-10 quantity or a percentage, and he's usually pretty generous. He's a HUGE Harry Potter fan, both of the books and the movies, and should represent the bullseye demographic. His favorite of all the movies so far is #4, "Goblet of Fire." That one got an 8.6 on a scale of 1-10. How did "Order of the Phoenix" measure up? 5.2. 'Nuff said.

Bonus impressions: The photography in the first 5 minutes was just beautiful. In the entire remainder of the film, every single character is so sallow and sunken-eyed that they appear to all be suffering from scurvy. And the Scariness Factor was slightly intense in the first 10 minutes, but not too bad at all after that. Bella was not terribly perturbed.

Top that review, Peter Travers.


  1. Oh man, I was so looking forward to it. I haven't been ecstatic about any of the films, but I was hoping this one would at least pass for entertaining.

  2. This year the movie is going to get overlooked by the HP fans who are mostly waiting for the book to come out... I know I'll love it though... I'm a total sucker for these films!

    Bella look so beautiful in that photo!

  3. grayson reminds me of a young me with the rating system.

    beautiful genes run in your family.

  4. Sheryl-I'd be OK with "passes for entertaining." Just be sure you can GET COMFORTABLE. Also, don't take a preschooler if you can help it.

    bec-yeah, the hardcore fans won't be disappointed too much, I don't think, although I do believe this one doesn't stand up to the others by comparison. Maybe they'll get the GoF director back for the next one!

    Isabel-He takes movies VERY seriously, and likes almost all of them. And when I complained about how long this one was, he (very rightly) reminded me about "King Kong." Touche'. And yes, pretty children. Sis and I managed to make a couple before secondary infertility took over. But why do they look Norwegian? ;-)

  5. I guess I'm one of the hardcore fans, I loved it. It wasn't flawless, but I'm of the opinion that the overall feel of the films keeps getting better.

    I reviewed it myself here on my blog: http://themetamorph.com/?p=289

    In summary, I say YAY for the return of The Real Ron Weasley and The Real Dumbledore, YAY for casting the Perfect Luna and Perfect Umbridge, YAY for Dan Radcliffe's continued improvement as an actor, YAY for Neville because I love him and I think I love the movie version better than the book version of Neville. I also say YAY for Bawling My Butt Off, because that means they mostly got the important bits right, and YAY for this film setting up certain events that should be in the next film. Other films in this series haven't done that, so I think it's going to be really nice to watch the sixth film and not be sitting there saying "Wait, what? Where did that come from?"

    I say BOO to the sound quality, but I'm not sure whether it was the film or the theater - the dialogue tended to be a bit quiet and in some places kind of muffled, to me. I also sort of say BOO to feeling that there wasn't enough emphasis on certain plot points - all the important stuff was definitely there, but I felt like some bits weren't as heavy as they needed to be, but I can't figure out why I feel that way. However, my biggest gripe with the movie is a particualrly WRONG bit of dialogue at one certain spot in the movie. It's not the fact that it's different from the book, it's the fact that it's just plain WRONG considering very recent events and what Harry's real state of mind should be.

    Overall - this is not an action film, it's more of a psychological/emotional drama. There aren't as many laughs as there have been in previous films, but I think that's appropriate given the atmosphere of the film. It's not a kid's movie, just like it's not a kid's book.

    If you've read all that, you've almost read my entire blog post anyway, LOL, but I am looking forward to seeing it again. Now that I've seen it, though, I am more than anything looking forward to the final book.

  6. MIchelle - I agree, the Umbridge/Luna casting WAS brilliant. I hated the look of the film, was my main gripe, and then it was just boring to me. I AM looking forward to the last book, though, because I do enjoy the stories, flaws (extreme overuse of deus ex machina, anyone?) and all. Grayson has read these books voraciously for years.

  7. I am not in a big rush to see them movie and will probably wait for it to come out on DVD before seeing it. I always find movies let you down at some point after reading the books. There is always something that must left out. I am waiting for the last book, as each one has gotten a little darker.

  8. lalalalalalalalalalalala...

    I am not reading this! I am supposed to see this next weekend!


  9. Bummer. 5.6 on the Grayson scale?

  10. I loved it for the most part, although I have a few gripes (normal for any movie that is trying to condense a 870 page book down to one sitting). I'd say it's either second or first in my rankings of HP movies.

    And Belinda, honey, it's the Wizarding WWII...and if this were an adult war movie, I doubt the choice of shooting it in that washed-out way would have raised any eyebrows. Do you really expect bright colors on the eve of the London Blitz in 1940? Same thing's going on here...

  11. I'm certain that it was daylight for at least *part* of 1944. And these are WIZARDS; they should have access to proper nutrition. ;-) Honestly, we're pretty harsh with movies we see in the theater, but we keep reflecting on this one, and not feeling any more generous. Looking forward to the next one, though!