Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gettin' Our Huhr Did

Yeah, it's that time.
For some of us, including Gabby and myself, it's PAST that time. And since I'm not showing you MY nappy hair, here's Gabby's!
See that silver pile behind her? Yeah. Enough hair to make a whole 'nother poodle! And Michelle DID finally trim Gabby's topknot, after many threats to leave it this way.

"Summer Nekkid" is definitely the favored trim among the Ninja Poodles, though not everyone got to be stripped. Halle is big and fluffy, and poor Glory is being dredlocked. The girls all got finished yesterday, and the boys are on schedule for tomorrow. Maybe I'll actually be able to get a whole group photo, for once!

All Delta cares about is that being clean and groomed means more snuggle-time in the people-bed.
She is a bit of a TiVo-hog when it's time for "Ninja Warrior" or "Flight of the Conchords," though.

My favorite part of the afternoon, though, was when Michelle helped us figure out a solution for treating Odette the kitten's gross neck-wound. It wasn't always a gross neck-wound. Once, it was a tiny, shallow puncture from when she and Jack were playing too rough. Unfortunately, she could *just* reach the spot, so she would lick and lick and lick it with that sandpaper tongue, and eventually, the thing reached proportions of ulcerated grotesqueness. And it was never going to heal, ever. Once it got bad enough, Jack got in on the act. Between the two of them, they attacked it every time it formed a scab, and made it worse, and the surface area larger. I knew Michelle would think of something, though, so I took Odette out to the mobile and plunked her down in the tub while we finished up the dogs.

Michelle slathered the wound with tri-biotic ointment, which we'd been doing, and Odette had been licking off, for the last 3 weeks:

But then--THEN--the genius began. You can't just wrap VetRap around an animal's neck. You need something with some thickness to it, some padding, to act as a buffer. Lightdays to the rescue! Yep, this is a cat getting a maxi-pad wrapped around its neck.

Followed by some gauze,

...and finally VetRap. Which rendered the kitty immobile. Which (oh, so wrongly) makes us laugh.
But hopefully now the wound will heal, and in the meantime we're having a lot more Odette-related peace than we're used to. I'm not sure she's moved much from this spot, and this position.


  1. Love the pics...however the topknow was rockin!!!

  2. Has anyone ever told you Odette is so CUTE? She looks like she needs extra love from her peeps.

  3. Oh Belinda~~ The pic of Gabby really needs to be sent in for a photo contest. I about choked on my tea when I scrolled down and saw it!

    My daughter has been begging me to cut Trevor's topknot into a Mohawk.

  4. Okay, I've never really been clear since I started frequenting this blog. Exactly how many poodles do you have?

    Can I get a list?

  5. Well, since you asked...technically, there are 9, although Hope is on an extended playdate in Indiana, where she will hopefully be bred to a fantastic stud dog...if he's not of an age that he's shooting blanks.

    We have Delta, the spayed female standard.

    The rest are all of the miniature variety (larger than toys, smaller than standards): Three retired champions (Hope, Gabby, and Reggie), three up-and-coming youngsters (J.T., Glory, and Betty) and two adolescents for whom we are seeking homes (Kirby and Halle).

  6. Yeah, yeah. I see there's a post here but would you please CLEAN OUT YOUR INBOX AND EMAIL ME, WOMAN?


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