Saturday, July 21, 2007

Because I Just Didn't Have Enough Internet Presence

Yeah. The two blogs, flickr stream and Twitter were just NOT ENOUGH. I finally caved to pressure and created minimal presences on Facebook and MySpace. I still don't know what Facebook really is or what purpose it serves, but you can find me on it here.

As for MySpace, I have a few really stubborn friends who use it instead of a nice, traditional, staid Old-Person-Blog, and some of their pages are "friends only," which means I had to create an account just to be able to view their blogs. SO, if you are one of those very few (and this includes my sister's dog), please "add" me, or "friend" me, or "poke" me, or "nudge" me, or give me a "wet willie," or whatever the heck it is you young people have to do to authorize me to get all up in your bidness.

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!


  1. Ditto, on facebook: I joined up, but it seems to just... sits there. If I can't grab it via email, RSS, or NNTP, it's not much use to me.

    Myspace gives me a migraine. So I'm with you in the Old People's Box over here.

  2. You are neither a loser nor pathetic for having a Facebook page! And I should know! LOL

    MySpace, however- NO. Not if it was the only site left on the whole Internet.

  3. That facebook account you thought was mine is the Girls. Just so you know!

  4. Yeah, you're SOOOOO OLLLLDDD! *insert rolling of eyes here*

  5. Joined facebook - it's ok, but I refuse to join myspace.

  6. Sounds familiar.

    I have Facebook and MySpace as well.

  7. You're my friend on both.

    My MySpace is a lot more "pimped out" than my Facebook.

    I don't understand Facebook, either. But, I'm a sheep.


  8. I have followed you, oh great leader, to facebook:o) I just don't think I can do MySpace. I have enough to keep me busy with 2 blogs, a website, and flickr!!!! I even joined Twitter, but it is sitting there, almost never used.

  9. I too have succumbed to Facebook but only for work research. I have one friend, and no information on my profile. I too have trouble maintaining all my online presences.