Sunday, June 10, 2007

While We're Waiting For Me To Post Something Meaningful...

Let's revive the old "I DARE YOU!" group on flickr, and post a new challenge. During the several months that I have ignored that group, there have been many good suggestions from members for new challenges. You might remember the refrigerator challenge, the pantry challenge, and the dinner-at-hand challenge.

Well, we're getting out of the kitchen, and indeed out of the house now, thanks to our lovely hostess at Breadcrumbs in the Butter, and the new challenge, at her request, is.....SHOW US THE INSIDE OF YOUR CAR! Just run outside and take a snapshot of whatever vehicle YOU personally drive the most, WITHOUT cleaning it up first. Make notes to label random stuff that might be in there. At least two pictures would be nice, but add as many angles as you like, even the exterior if desired. One must be from the vantage point of the driver's side, looking in, and then the rest can be back seat, hatchback, cargo area, whatever you like. If you'd like to take several from different spots, feel free.

Post your photos to the I DARE YOU! flickr group (you will have to join first--it's painless), and starting now, we'll run separate "threads" for each separate challenge. Please post your pics to the I DARE YOU! pool, AND to the INSIDE Your RIDE thread within the pool.

OK...ready, set...GO! No "staging!" (And if you don't have a flickr account, just post the challenge photos to your blog, and leave a comment here with a link to where your pics can be found.)


  1. Ooh, and I JUST cleaned out my van completely, even vacuumed the floors! I'm sure it will be filthy again in a few days, so I'll be sure to take photos :)

    P.S. How ARE you, sweetie? Long time no hear from! MissYouLoveYouMEANIT!

  2. Crap, I just cleaned my car out this would have been PERFECT for this!

    I had 2 empty Sonic bags, 1 empty Lowes bag, 2 empty packs of cigarettes, a book, my purse, about 5 straw wrappers, a half-full water bottle, and some random notes to myself....all on the front seat.

    It was beginning to crawl to my side, so I had to clean it out. Gross, huh?

    p.s. I'm thinking about getting a Neti pot. I think about you every time I mention it to the boyfriend! :)

  3. There is no way in Hell that I will be participating in this I Dare You. Because I would die of mortification. I promise you, NOBODY has a car interior quite like mine, and that's the truth! It's not just bad, it's downright scary!

  4. Can there be a person in the photo are does it have to be sans kids:)

  5. I CANNOT take a picture of my SUV now! It's normally pristine, but darn you! You had to throw down the gauntlet on the exact week that my truck is filled with packing boxes. i am mortified. I jst threw my camera on the floor to break it.

  6. If I had car wold soooo do this - will be in the next one promise!

  7. Just got back from a road trip to North carolina and the car has junk in it still. Maybe I'll try it :)

  8. Mine are up on my blog and Flickr:o)

  9. Going up on my blog tonight....

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