Monday, June 04, 2007

I Have No Idea What This Post Is Going To Be About

But I do know that if I don't just start typing something, this entire effort is going to wither up a die, so off we go!

My whole life has seemed tied up in horses and dogs of late, and it's left me drained of emotional energy for much else, including writing about all of it. The upshot of it is that moving to this larger house on smaller acreage is forcing me to let go of several animals, and I haven't been happy about it. When we had 10 acres of gorgeous Tifton 44 Bermuda grass, and a 5-stall barn, a handful of horses just wasn't a problem. Over here on Goat Mountain (no, it's not REALLY called that, but the description fits, and I include this disclaimer because there really IS a "Goat Mountain" near here), however...ugh. Horses do not thrive here without a lot of help.

The only grass on this entire 5 acres is on our not-enormous lawn...which means that that's where the horses have been living. In our yard. Staring in our bedroom windows, and scaring the snot out of me when I open the door to go outside. We just had no other choice. Hay is nearly impossible to come by, and up until just a couple of weeks ago, there was not any to be had except for some pretty scraggly cow hay. What do you do when there's no grass and no hay? Well, you go to a "complete" feed, like Purina Horse Chow or Equine Senior, because it contains roughage (Equine Senior is actually a great complete feed suitable for horses of just about any age). Which is fine, except that now you're paying $.32/lb. for something that you have to feed 50-75 pounds of EVERY DAY, on top of grass hay that now costs $6/bale due to the shortage.

You can see where this is going. So I have been in the process of placing horses, and crying about it. No one has actually left yet, but two have new owners and one more is pending, and I'm hustling to haul equines to the vet this week for Coggins tests so that they can start leaving for their new digs. What we'll ultimately be left with is my Misha, who I will give up over my very dead body, and Bella's pony, Magic. I expect us to have Kate a while longer while we try to find just the right spot for her, because with her great beauty comes the bonus feature of being as wild as a jackrabbit, and it's gonna take a special home.

I also have about three more dogs than I should right now, mainly because I don't let go of them in a timely manner when they're pups. We have not historically actually let very many puppies go, and the whole prospect makes me kind of a nervous wreck. The upside is that keeping them for a year or more does allow me to have spays and microchipping performed (Have I ever sold a female puppy yet? No, I have not. Don't push it.) so that I don't have to stress about that.

Also, the silver puppy that we kept out of the 2006 litter, Betty, has just refused to grow enough, I'm afraid. So it may be that I'll have to find a pet home for her, as well, though I'm giving her as much time as possible to gain as much size as she can--she's only 7 months old now; she could still grow a little, right? Sure, right.

There was also a whole very emotional episode going on with a relocation, but I am very happy to report that that situation is happily resolving under the loving care of Julie in Chicago, who now has TWO Ninja Poodles under her roof instead of one. How much better does that make me feel? This much better:
I love you to bits, Jules.

Is there more to talk about? Oh, yeah. LOTS more. I have the best "Spring Bipolar Report" EVER to log, and I'm just immensely pleased and proud of Alex and relieved on his behalf that something seems to finally have clicked chemically and is working correctly, meds-wise, because that is a roller-coaster that no one wants to ride, and it is JUNE, people. JUNE, do you hear me? That means we got through MAY bump-free for the first time ever, not to mention March and April, which are generally no fun, either. Let's hear it.

I couldn't get my act together to go on my first real Flickr meetup, but we did manage to meet one really cool Flickrite for an afternoon of food and photography out in the middle of some cotton-fields.

Last weekend, I spent way too many brain-cells thinking up stupid captions to put on pictures of my pets. That's right, lolcats. And loldogs. And, heaven help me, lolhorses.

If this boggles your mind, you need to visit for a few minutes. Or maybe you should just save yourself, and run for your life while you have a chance.

I bought some shoes. I bought some art. I Twittered. I was nominated, not once, but twice, for a "Thinking Blogger" Award. STOP LAUGHING. My next post will be getting to that, though it's made that much more challenging since two of my would-be nominations for the award are the very people who nominated me. They feel pretty superior right now, those non-procrastinators who got around to it first. Most of you are probably reading this, thinking, "Gee, to qualify as a Thinking Blogger, wouldn't one have to, say, think? Or at the very least, BLOG?" Yeah. You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Shows what you know, n00b.


  1. LOLing LOUD at your loldog. Now, where're the lolhorses?

  2. So glad to hear about Alex. That is wonderful in itself. I've been following your life at Flickr mostly, and I gotta say lady, you have so much to be thankful for, most of all LOLPoodles. :D

  3. HBM: Follow the hyperlink on "stupid captions." They're all there, in all their embarrassing glory.

    Karen: I know, right? As in, get over myself?

  4. I read about your blog on SurfCountry. I figured if Dootz recommended you, I'd like you as well. Very funny piece. Glad to hear that your husband is doing well.

  5. Mad props to Alex!

    I smiled at the scene of waking up in the morning, hair in curlers and opening the drapes to have a horse's big face and eyes staring back at me. Funny image for this city gal (who will probably never have such a real-life experience).

  6. Glad to see you typing again, my blog is probably as neglected, but then no one is visiting me:o(

    So glad that Alex made it through the spring bump free and I hope these meds hold so he can remain steady!

    I hope all works out with the horses and they find good forever homes.

    Your Flickr site is great and keeps me up to date on al lthe is happening at Casa Ninjapoodles!!!

  7. Giving away anything you love is hard - especially animals - but you know you're doing it for the right reasons.

    I got stuck at I Can Has Cheezburger...

    this comment tooks hours to post!

  8. OMG I LOOOOVE icanhascheezburger!!! I'm addicted now!

  9. I'm sorry.... Aggg.. I'm sorry I added to your stress. But she looks soooo good in her new home!

  10. Just put Betty on a plane to Omaha and I'll figure out how to explain the addition to the DH. "She dropped out of the sky?" He'll fall in love with her once he figures out how to get three of them on his lap. We'll make a rally/agility poodle out of her!

  11. Dear Belinda,

    Jacy sends her love. She says to tell you that she will not be coming home to Arkansas anytime soon.....she likes it jusssst fine in Chicago!

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