Friday, May 25, 2007

Recently Spoken

Bella, in response to my telling her that she didn't know what she was talking about, regarding what I was thinking: (Angrily) "I know everything ABOUT you, because I used to be IN YOUR TUMMY! So I KNOW!"

Alex, lamenting the fact that he'd forgotten to bring his special mail-order waxworms (we lead a charmed life) home from the office refrigerator, and was going to have to go back and get them, and in response to my asking why not leave them there until the next day: (Agitated) "Because that refrigerator is on too cold a setting to leave them there more than a couple of hours, and they will die, and it will ALL HAVE BEEN FOR NAUGHT!"

Bella, after a solid 90 minutes of resisting her afternoon nap: (Through dramatic faux-weeping) "Mommy! This is all just getting TOO SERIOUS."

Alex, upon my telling him how very very handsome he looked: (Dead serious) "Have you ALREADY been in the Nyquil today?"

When did I become the straight-man of this family?


  1. All too serious - hilarious!

    I tell you Belinda you should record Bella and send to the ellen show, she loves cute kids and Bella is a ten on the cuteness scale!

  2. So I KNOW!

    This made me laugh so hard - just beautiful!

  3. Oohh send Bella to Ellen!

  4. LMAO

    Bella is so great. What a little drama queen! I LOVE it!

  5. Arianna's answer to me asking her if she knew why Jack fell down the stairs:

    "Well, mother...he didn't actually FALL....he just sort of ROLLED...."

  6. Someone has to be the straight person in a crazy family:o) Too funny, you have some interesting conversations!!!

  7. We're in the process of writing a book of all the things that the children say and all the things you shouldn't ever have to say to children.
    Things like "Quit licking the cat!" and "Don't put your knee in the cookie dough!".
    But I like Alex's response of all having been for naught, I too sometimes think I'm in the middle ages and respond with comments like that.
    Usually I'm a knight though.

  8. The juxtaposition of waxworms and stilted, archaic phrasing made me laugh, laugh, laugh. How could you not love him?

  9. Thanks for the laughs! Much appreciated.

  10. Belinda~~ You really don't stand a chance with those two. You might as well just wave the white flag now!

  11. LOL That's it, I'm coming for a visit, that's all there is to it...

  12. this is one of the funniest family interactions I've ever heard. Definitely similar to what my family goes through on a daily basis. Glad to see I'm not alone! :)