Monday, May 14, 2007

Because I Sense That Some of You Were Not Taking Me Entirely Seriously

In this post, when I mentioned a couple of oddly-named Arkansas towns. We had chance to travel that direction over the weekend, so I hereby provide photographic documentation:

bald knob

possum grape


  1. I thought we had odd place names. Nope, not compared to you!

  2. Perhaps you'd like to visit the lovely Oregon town of Drain?

    Drain not your style? How about Bridal Veil? Bridal Veil, by the way, is where all the brides drive to to mail their wedding invitations.

  3. Here in Connecticut we have realllllllly interesting town names. Start with New Haven. Then head east and guess what??? East Haven. Head west-----West Haven. North.......I think you get the picture. Us Yanks are terribly creative.

  4. Dude, in Northeast Arkansas, there's a place called Cooter.


  5. Ha! @ Avalon...but to live in Connecticut? We view that as "America's Suburb." Nice.

    @rhiannon - we have a Romance, AR, which is where you drive for wedding invites and Valentine's Day.

    @trishie - Yes! And we also have a Weiner! And a Toad Suck (TWO WORDS)!
    I know there are more, but I'm drawing blanks right now. We COULD get into the whole school mascot thing, which could be funny, what with Wampus Cats, Curley Wolves and Redbugs...

  6. You just have people that were uncreative when naming towns, we have names that you cannot pronounce, like Thonotossa, Itchapakasa.:o)

  7. And THAT is just the tip of the Arkansas iceburg.

  8. I've passed through Toad Suck on my way home (we live in Northwest Arkansas.. Springdale to be exact) to Kentucky to see family.

    Let's see.. weird town names..

    Hogeye, AR.

    I used to live in Kentucky..we have a town called Possum Trot near my hometown. Weird, eh?

  9. We have lots of weird, interesting, and sometimes difficult to pronounce names, here on the east coast of Canada, most especially if you are a CFA (comefromaway)!

    There is Nauwigewauk (Na wig e wak) in New Brunswick that comes to mind. In Nova Scotia you will find Whycocomagh (Why cog a ma), another is Neucum Teuch (Nee com taw). All the names are aboriginal, and lovely to hear.

    There are some great place names in Newfoundland, among them: Heart's Delight, Heart's Content and Joe Batt's Arm.

    Then there is an unmentionable name in Newfoundland. That would be Dildo. No kidding.


  10. My mom's from Woodruff County so I've been to Bald Knob about 75 million times. And, of course, you know I went to school in Searcy. We don't talk about that though.

    There's a Booger Holler, AR, isn't there?

    And I was damn proud to have my fuel pump changed in Bucksnort, TN years ago.

  11. Nooo my favorite Arkansas town is Weiner. Hahaha! weiner! hahahah!

  12. Michigan has a town called Climax, one called Bad Axe, and another called Hell. And about 100 miles apart in the Upper Peninsula are the towns of Rudyard and Kipling, named of course for the author of The Jungle Book.

    But those aren't anywhere near as good as Bald Knob.

  13. I dated a girl from Weiner, AR one time. Sweet girl.

    We attended the Weiner annual festival together, and believe me, you don't want to see the parade floats!

    Some other intersting Arkansas city/town names: Hogeye, Cow Shoals, Greasy Corner, Ink, Cash, Smackover, Joy, Pickles Gap, Tomato, and a tiny community near the Arkansas/Missouri border, that must be a little congregation of Beatle-loving '60's holdovers living in their VW micro-buses, named Number Nine.

  14. More Oregon Stupid names:

    Boring, Oregon. (Yes, it IS boring there....)

    Irrigon, Oregon. (Dr. Suess, perhaps?)

    Bonanza, Oregon. (dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy DUM DUM!)

    Dufur, Oregon. (I couldn't live there purely because it makes me giggle.)

    Rufus, Oregon. (HEeeeeere Boy!!)

    Spray, Oregon. (Um, eww.)

    Sublimity, Or. (not really as nice as the name implies)

    Sodaville, Or. (They don't belive in water, here.)

    Across the river, there is a town called George, Washington.

    And, I love that Bald Knob has such a HUGE welcome sign!!

  15. You cannot forget Goobertown! Between Bald Knob, Weiner and Goobertown all trips to see my parents in Jonesboro are a giggle fest for my children.

  16. Oh, now I am homesick. Thanks. When I first moved back to Arkansas for college I would drive past the Possum Grape signs and try to determine if it was one town or two. A good way to stay awake.

  17. Someone mentioned Dildo, Newfoundland.

    Newfoundland (where my loverly wife, Kyran is from) is the absolute best for oddball town names.

    A few examples:
    Joe Batt's Arm
    Gripe Point
    Famish Gut
    Confusion Bay
    Little Heart's Ease
    Nick's Nose Cove

    Also, Possum Grape is one town. You don't accidentally drive to Snowball, Arkansas. Greasy Corner, Arkansas is a lovely little place.

  18. If I lived in "Famish Gut," I think I would have to open a restaurant. Seems like it wouldn't even have to be a very good one!