Saturday, April 14, 2007

So Here's What Happened

So Here's What Happened
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Just click the pic of the churned-up earth and ugly rusted metal pipe for the full story so far.

Also blogged over heah.

We're apparently in some sort of Arkansas property feud, against our will. Not sure if we're the Hatfields or the McCoys, but either way, it's pretty stupid.


  1. Umm that is just plain weird. I suppose you must keep in mind he obviously THINKS he is in the right which is why he is so annoyed. I'm guessing he is annoyed due to his actions so far anyway!

    My neighbour thought he owned the land between our houses and got a bit shirty with me till he had it checked out and realised it was my property. I'm glad I kept my cool about it though because he came and apologised and said he was sorry if he'd caused any problem.

    I guess you need to get a survey done and prove it is your property - and fence it off at the border of your property. What a pain though and any of those things will cost you money.

    Good luck with doing whatever you decide calmly and I hope the horrid neighbour stays calm too.

  2. Well, the trick with these kinds of feuds is to subconsiously get Bella interested in one of the boys over there. Then when they're teenagers, and in some steamy empassioned affair, they can try to bring both families together again.

    Also, those cool stovepipe hats.

  3. I'm a bit confused. Looking at the photo where your chain link fence is on the left and the red metal gate is on the right, which way would you or 911 be coming? If you would be coming from the direction the photo was taken, it seems like you could easily get onto your property. Soooo I'm guessing you must be coming from the other side of his gate, right?

    What a mess, sorry.


  4. The red gate our neighbor put up does not affect us in any way. We never had a problem until he blocked OUR gate (the chain-link one) with that huge metal pipe and open trench! That's why 911 wouldn't be able to get to us if it was icy. That's the only time it would affect us, that I can think of. It's the only time we used the back road in the entire first year we lived here.

  5. Yet another in a logn list of reasons that i want to be a lighthouse keeper on my very own island. No stupid neighbors!

    I would be most upset at the blockage of potential emergency vehicle access. if the county does not respond, maybe the local Fire department would be interested in the amount of damage their vehicles could possibly sustain?

  6. I wouldn't want it to escalate this far, but you could also seek legal representation if it comes to that. First, see what the county or state can do, though. Hopefully it won't get any worse than it already is. This guy doesn't sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Just kill him with kindness and hopefully he'll back off.

  7. Aaack! That man has some serious beef, but is too much of a pansy to communicate? Weird.

    I would definitely contact the police department. He's blocking your property and emergency vehicles.

    Odd ... be interested in the updates.

    Came here via Jen of jenandtonic, I think!

  8. This is pretty hilarious. What a weirdo neighbor. Although people in the country are frequently unaware of their property demarkation (my mother runs into this a lot--namely when she found the neighbor with a chainsaw on her land, cutting a quad-runner path). Hopefully a trip to the sherrif and county records office will set things straight. Still, wtf! Time to buy a lawn chair and a shotgun and do what they'd do here in virginia: sit in the lawn chair with the shotgun in your lap until the neighbor stopped by, and then find out wtf his problem is. Ha ha.