Monday, April 09, 2007

The Sight That Brought Out My Inner Nebbercracker

Fetched Up Against the Fence
Originally uploaded by ninjapoodles.
This ball wound up inside our upper pasture fence one day, and then finally rolled about 250 feet downhill until it fetched up on the fence, at one of the driveway's "S" curves. And there it sits, because it just brings out my inner Nebbercracker. While I know that in a day or two, I'll climb up there and get it and drop it off in the yard of the kids it must belong to, part of me is gleefully cackling, "It's MINE, now, you young hooligans!"

I'd also like, just once, to holler, "YOU KIDS GIT OFF MY LAWN!" But sadly, our "lawn" is totally inaccessible to the casual trespasser. Oh, well.


  1. We have a kid who lives behind the barn on another street that uses our hill as a passthrough all the time. While I don't mind her, I DO mind her friends, all of whom are about the loudest Junior High girls in the free world. They yell and scream and push each other over on the driveway and I'm imagining "law suit". I actually told her to walk around the other day. She was shocked, I tell you. Shocked. Me thinks she's another kid who has never heard the word no.

    I'd keep the soccer ball if they haven't claimed it in a week. :-)

  2. Congratulations, I had to look up Nebbercracker to get yr reference [yup, guilty for not having seen Monster House!], so i can add one bit of 2000's pop culture trivia to my brain, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get that Trivial Pursuit answer right one fine day, LoL!

    btw - Happy Lost Blogs GBMC anniversary :-)