Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why We Don't Take Bella to a Studio for Pictures

I was having a discussion with my mother today about why we do not take our daughter to professional photography studios. She mugs, she hams, she jumps up and down, she makes silly faces--particularly, she draws her lips over her teeth so that they disappear and she appears to have left her false teeth soaking in a glass full of Efferdent on a nightstand somewhere...which is fine, if you're shooting candids with a digital camera. Not so great if you're paying a sitting fee and racing against the clock. Anyway, I thought this little featurette of us trying to get ONE decent shot of her in her Easter dress could explain it better than I ever could with mere words:

Picasa Web Albums - Belinda - Isabella, Eas... - dsc00859 (2).jpg
(Use the toolbar underneath the first photo to reduce the time between frames to ONE second instead of four, so the whole thing will take less than half a minute.)

There is maybe one decent one up on flickr, if you start with this one where I caught her totally off-guard.

Oh, and the second night of the Easter musical? I did okay, only one major flub. There's this line that says, "He took our nails..." and the page-turn in the book is between the words "our" and "nails." Are you with me? I've missed a lot of rehearsals, and I'm really having to pay attention to these words. So I can't get the page turned in time to see the word that comes after "our," and my brain, racing to figure out something logical that would follow, sends the word "pain" to my mouth. It made perfect sense, in context: "He took our pain." Right? Jesus would totally do that, right? Take our pain? Sure He would. That's His style, all over.

Except that, as you know if you read my opening up there, "pain" was not the correct word. But I'd already started the "PAI--" part before getting the page turned, and (I think you see where this is going) when I DID manage to turn the page and see the word "NAILS" on the top of the next page, my brain of course sent the correction to my mouth, so that what I wound up singing, at the top of my lungs, was that Jesus "TOOK OUR PAILS." That's right. For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, to come down here and steal all our buckets.

Other than that, it went really well, and was received even better the second night than the first, and the response was heartwarming. I don't think anyone (except maybe Alex, who stands right in front of me) but me heard about the pails. And of course, now all the people from my church who read this blog, and will probably want to re-baptize me or something.


  1. It makes perfect sense to me. Most of the time, pails hold stuff we don't want....grimy car wash water, leftover soil, rocks, twigs, etc. He would be doing us a big favor by taking our pails.

    BTW, I like the silly pictures of Bella the best!

  2. when you see Jesus again, can you ask him to return my bucket?

    thank you. :)


  3. Now you know the truth about why the Jews won't accept Jesus. He stole all our pails and we're not forgiving him anytime soon!

    Love the Bella slide show. I know some of the photos are painfully posed, but save the entire set. Honestly, in 10 years you're going to cry over them. She's just so...Bella!

  4. "Steal all our buckets"-Bwahahahaha!

    Don't you love Picasa? I do all my photo editing in it now, and I can drag and drop the photos right into the Flickr Uploadr. Those photos are SO Bella! She's a doll.

  5. ha ha - funny about the photos and photo shots, Bella is getting so tall! She looks so pretty in her dress.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Bella is adorable! Simply beautiful photos! Happy Belated Easter!

  7. Hello! I'm new to your blog (via Carmen), but must say you are hilarious and I'll be a frequent visitor from now on! I'm glad the Easter Musical went well. Pails, Nails, really, what's the difference?

  8. Well, since Carmen is thirty-TWO flavors of awesome, that is heady praise indeed! I'm still shaking my head in disbelief over the whole "pails" gaffe.

  9. Yep, they'll want to re-baptize you all right.

    And they'll use pails.

  10. Perhaps he needs more pails to toss sins out:o)

    I love the Bella pictures! My sister doesn't bother with studios either with her girls, mush better pictures in the garden:o)

  11. Does he have my shovel, too? Because I can't find it anywhere, and it's really messy, building a sandcastle without those....

    (I sit next to the pastor's wife in our choir, and in one piece we kept singing about Jesus' shining throngs---of people, I guess---and I delighted in belting out shining THONG just to make her choke.)

  12. New to your blog-- but I was intrigued by the title. I never thought I would take my daughter to a portrait studio because we take soooooo many pictures of her anyway, but we had a coupon for a free sitting and prints so decided it might be a fun way to spend an hour. I was actually really impressed. I felt like she never sat still but he got 8 good shots to choose from.
    A lot of places give you free sittings to, so if you don't like the pictures you haven't really lost anything.

    Never thought I'd put in a plug for having portraits...

  13. So that's what happened to all of my buckets. Jesus is making sand castles in the sky with MY BUCKETS! ;)

  14. I hear kids turn out like their parents.

  15. Look at her... she KNOWS she's beautiful.... and rightfully so.


  16. Noooes, Jesus be stealin my bucket!