Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things I Made This Weekend

A Valentine Mailbox, with the eager assistance of a helpful four-year-old.

A pot of Hungarian goulash, in SPITE of the eager assistance of a helpful four-year-old. Yes, it was MUCH better than it looks.

Not pictured:

14 mistakes
1 ham sandwich
3 errors in judgment
1 week's dinner menu
1 grocery list
several messes
1 grocery-shopping trip
1 major decision
6 tentative, "pending" decisions
22 lame jokes
492 sarcastic comments
457 apologies for sarcastic comments

...and oh, so much more. I just haven't had time to turn around, much.

Oh, and remember the laptop? That we shipped to Dell last Monday? It arrived back here on THURSDAY. Seriously. Thursday. Which would be great if Dell had, in fact, fixed it, but for some reason, they sent it back to us with the bottom panel unscrewed, detached, and DENTED, for crying out loud. And still without a working power source.

Hello, Apple? You just got a new customer. Referred by? DELL.


  1. I'm really hoping that the Dell that my husband so wonderfully purchased for me for Christmas doesn't have the same fate as YOUR Dell. :-/

  2. Just really take care of the AC connection when using the power cord. Ours has had this issue from the beginning, so you'd probably know it already--we did. My sister's has been fine, but one commentor on that last post said she had the same trouble with hers.

    Really, this was the first time that we've ever gotten one back after its being apparently beaten with a hammer.

  3. your list made me laugh, especially the "apologies for sarcastic comments"... my own speciality...

  4. Hmmm, I've had three Dells, and I love them. Two laptops, one desktop. I am afraid to buy an Apple (although my sister swears by them) because they won't run all software, there is issues with them displaying webpages properly due to the Safari Browser, and they cost a LOT.

  5. I'm really interested in the 1 major decision. Is that wrong of my? I am also duly impressed that you have a 93% apology rate ( yes, I did do the math)

  6. I would sooooo be using Apple right now, but I need them to be more cash friendly

  7. very pretty box belinda *pats on head*

    Apple is what all the cool people use.

  8. Perhaps it's a DIY repair? I'd like to hear about the major decision too, as well as the pending decisions... I'm nosy like that.

  9. Hate Macs. Every time I've had one it crashed constantly. People tell me my experience is unusual, but it doesn't make me want to buy one. Designers use Macs, but I always do it on a PC. I just have better luck that way. It doesn't crash and I don't lose my work. Web designers need to check their work on Internet Explorer anyway, so I guess I'm okay using the PC. Plus, like Sharla Dawn said, they don't run all software and some webpages don't load properly. By the way, I think I'm cool and I wouldn't want to use a Mac. They suck in my experience. Highly overrated.

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