Friday, February 16, 2007


The promised Honeymoon of Horror post is forthcoming, along with Alex's brilliant poem, but right now I'm reeeeeally tired, plus I just had a fabu haircut, and must share.

BEFORE (Look how giddy I am, because HAIRCUT!! IS COMING!!!):

DURING (seriously almost stopped here, because I had such fond memories of rocking the late-80's New Wave Asymmetrical):
Where I Was Tempted to Stop Her And Just Go With The Late-80's Vibe

I particularly like that picture, courtesy of Alex's cell-phone, because it looks like a leather-blazered assassin has walked right out of Goodfellas and is about to "whack" me with a shot to the back of the head. But I'm weird like that.

(And yes, the finished product is asymmetrical. Ah, the nostalgia.)


  1. Wow, your hair grows really fast. It was shortish when you had your surgery and it was so long this morning. And thick, too. Lucky!

    I love the new cut. I wish I could do short hair, but alas, my hair refuses to do anything except frizz and stick up straight on my head when it's short. Can you say butch and not so bitchn?

  2. Whoa. That's a very drastic change! You've been wanting to do this for ages! Way to go! But, I think you should probably show us a FRONTAL picture! Silly you.

  3. You really went for a change--but it looks very nice! Just in time for spring. I hope spring is coming. . .

  4. Big change indeed. Looks great. Course, you could make bald look great.

  5. TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocreFebruary 17, 2007 at 1:36 PM

    Slammin cut!

    I, too, miss the 80s new wave 'dos. I wish I had discovered the beauty of haircolor back then. I would have made SUCH a larger statement.

  6. That's a pre-Alex haircut!

  7. I especially like the scissoring along the nape of your neck - so artistic! You look awesome, from what I can see of your teeny tiny front in the picture. Aren't new and totally different haircuts wonderfully refreshing?

  8. Love, Love, LOVE that haircut! It looks great----- and bold.

  9. DUDE! I would sooo keep the short hair!!

  10. Ooh! Ooh! I had an assymetrical bob in the 80s, too! Love it and love your new do!

  11. I knew this was coming. I remember you saying how much you didn't like the long hair in that glamour shot a while back (which, as I think of it now is SSSSMOKIN still in my memory).

    What I think is very nice, however, and I mean REALLY nice of you, is that you picked out this lovely haircut and then decided to get an "M" for "Mocha" shaved into the back of your head. Seriously. That's the nicest thing anyone's every done. You must really love me. Wow. All kinds of wow.

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