Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything...OR ELSE

The other night at Dixie Cafe, I think I stumbled upon just one method of keeping those Veggie Tales characters in line. If you were Larry the cucumber, would you violate your morality clause after seeing this?
This fried pickle is dedicated to Jer.

Also enjoying wholesome (*ahem*) Southern foods that night was Isabella, who had really had it with the Parental Paparazzi.


  1. oh man! that is just cruel to do that to a gherkin!

  2. Why in the world.........

    A pickle...........

    I'm too astonished to form coherent sentences.

  3. I was going to ask before... is it dill, sweet, bread&butter, what?

    Can you comfirm a rumor that I heard a couple years ago regarding the existence of secularized Veggie Tale videos?

  4. So, does anyone actually Eat food like that, or it is a wierd novelty, like those pickled pig's feet & nasty looking eggs in jar that you sometimes see on convenience store counters?
    As Larry would tell you, though, he's not a pickle, he's a Cucumber (I know you knew that, just couldn't resist.).
    K. often tells me, "Just One picture, Mommy!" when she sees me coming at her with the camera. And she means it.

  5. I wonder if Alan would like friend pickles?
    (I think I asked this before)

    Did you get the information I e-mailed you about those companies and were you able to use it?

  6. Hah, my nieces see the camera coming and start posing for it. I always ahve to tell them to quit and act naturally:o)

  7. Dennis, it's a dill!

    avalon--for the deliciousness.

    jer--It's a dill, kosher style (think Klausen's). They serve 'em with ranch dressing. You know, because deep-fat-fried foods are just not "finished" without a little tub of sugared fat served alongside. We don't own any VT stuff, so I don't know. We know a lot of the songs from XMKids, though, and "We're the pirates...who don't do anything" kind of cracks me up. Once, we rented a VT movie for Bella on PPV. She got bored and wandered off. Apparently, for her, Veggie Tales, like fried pickles, are best enjoyed in small servings.

    melora--I know, that makes it better! "Pickled and fried" would be, to a cucumber, worse than being "tarred and feathered," wouldn't it? ;-) And heavens, YES, people eat these things. There is another restaurant that does them as chips, but I prefer the spears. Now, I can't speak about pickled pig's feet and pickled eggs personally, but they certainly keep those things stocked in the "ethnic" (seriously, it says that on the aisle sign) section of the grocery store.

    leslie--yeah, we're following up. May not do any good, but at least it's doing something. Bella hates pickles in any form (although I have some sweet baby gherkins to tempt her with now). I bet Alan would love them, but it's a habit best rejected before you get hooked!

    kim--we get that reaction about half the time. She does not like the flash on the new camera, though, and tries to only allow us to take photos with "NO FLASH."

  8. I had no idea there was such a thing as fried pickles. I guess you can stick anything in hot oil, huh?

    I'd love to try those fried twinkies, if you've heard of them.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some friend pickles. Jefferson's in Jacksonville, AL has the best, but they are round sliced pickles in a beer batter. Yum!