Monday, February 05, 2007

Do Not Doubt That My Mom Is High-Larious

Or that we share a brain. Um, she got the good parts.

Case in point: Viewing of the Superbowl halftime show, in which I was disturbed by Prince's headgear.

My response, spoken, was, "What's up with the Aunt Jemimah do-rag?"

Then today, I read this email message from my mom:
RE: sooper bowl

"I didn't watch the game but I did watch the artist now known as "Aunt Jemima"! Hey, I'll bet you said the same thing."

Yeah, I did. Only not as well.


  1. Just HAD to drop by and let you know what a little heart-melter that your daughter is!

    Those eyes! Those eyebrows! Her little teefers! :) I just want to squeeze her adorable little cheeks!

    Anyway, now that you think I'm a complete psycho - I found you after looking at a few Flickr accounts and I just fell in love with your lil schnookie. I hope when we finally get pregnant and if/when we have a daughter, she has a personality like yours! She's adorable and she looks just like you!! :)

    Cute site also btw - I also live in AR. Weird!

    Kay bye!! :)

  2. So basically, we should all be reading your Mom's blog instead.

  3. This comforts me in a way because I made the Aunt Jemima comparison as well. It was lost on my German husband though because he has no idea who Aunt Jemima is.

  4. Actually, I said, "what's that on his head? A diaper??"

  5. trishie, do tell! Drop me an email and let me know where you are!

    sarah--if she had one, yes. Should she ever be so inclined, I promise you'll hear it from me first!

    dixie--do a Google image search. She's everywhere! I didn't post any, though, because...I dunno. It just felt weird.

    sharla--it did have that look!

  6. Just to let you know, wife.imp was sharing that brain-wave!!

  7. I was far more fascinated with the idea that he was going to be electrocuted with his snazzy guitar in the monsoon. I didn't really pay much attention to his headgear.

  8. I totally called him Aunt Jemima, too!

    Then I asked the tv if it would make me some waffles.