Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reminding Us Who We Are

Since I am such a threatening authoritarian that my child laughs out loud and gives me a blatant "as IF" expression when I make threats of impending corporal punishment, I am free to say, as I did today, things like, "Bella, you better knock that off right now...if I catch you, I'm gonna give you such a WHIPPIN'!"

To which she gets right in my face and replies, "Mommy, we don't say whippin'. We say WHUPPIN."

Touche', little Southern gal. That we do. Don't know what came over me.

Also, just now, when her father referred to her as "a three-foot tornado," she hollered back across the room at him, "Daddy! I am NOT a three-foot potato!"

Good times.

And we have heat. In, like, EVERY room. I may actually take a shower now, knowing I won't freeze afterward.


  1. Ah heat. How very 21st century of you!

    We've got such an antiquated heating system (radiators, forced hot air) that it would crack you up. We have two zones. Are they first and second floor? Why no, they are not.

    One thermostat in the dining room covers the kids bedrooms, the upstairs bathroom, the downstairs bathroom and the living room.

    The thermostat in the living room, a full 15 feet from the dining room thermostat, controls the kitchen, front hall, my bedroom, and the dining room.

    I am convinced the person that put in this system was drunk as a skunk. It makes NO sense.

  2. This was a great post. Thanks for the inspiration. I will now go take a hot bath and prepare my own blog for tonight. And it shall have nothing to do with my hot bath, my toenails or what I had for dinner. What can I say? You inspire me.

  3. I am so glad that you have heat, everywhere!!! It is awful to take a shower and get out in the cold:o)

  4. Heat is a beautiful thing! It is often in short supply in my house, so I really have a love/love relationship with heat.

  5. Hooray for heat! And three-foot-potato is hilarious! I'm sending you the rest of this comment in an email because it's too long.

  6. No, on the other hand...I am totally a three foot potato.

    I want all your recipes from your surgery...I go in for mine on Tuesday!