Monday, January 01, 2007

Re-Ringing in the New...ish

Going back to work. Getting back in shape. Regaining my health. Getting back into the routine of singing in the choir at church. Getting a handle on household organization again. Rebuilding a financial safety-net. Going back to menu-planning and home-cooking with whole foods. This is what I see when I look ahead to 2007 and beyond, and I've never felt the need to fight so hard just to get BACK to where I once was. Not turning back the hands of time, you understand, but just getting back to a "place" where I was comfortable, happy, and successful. And this time, I have my little family, too, so it should really be all good.

That's me, resolution-wise. Wish me luck. A Happy New Year to everyone--may you have every blessing, and as few tears as possible in 2007.

And, as promised, but at the risk of the result being disappointingly anti-climactic, you can click over to my Arkansas Times blog to read about my pre-Christmas run-in with the po-pos:


  1. Happy new year to you belinda. I hope it's a good one and you continue to entertain and feel better and have very few tears, but if you must i hope they are happy ones.

  2. I will always wish you the best in everything you do. Happy New Year! :-)

  3. Happy New Year!! I hope it all works out for you and this year is a better year. I am working on some things for myself this year and am planning to be a year of change:o) I tried to outline it on my blog, but it probably is not everything I want to do.

  4. A sound and logical resolution pact with yourself. Way cool, Belinda.

    Umm, am I seeing double?

    *looks at blog again*

    *looks at coffee mug*

    Must be the new Starbucks roast I'm drinking.

    Here's to a smooth going Double Oh Seven year for you.

  5. I'll have to check it out--did I ever mention my grandfather was a serious Arkansonian :) or whatever the word is. Born in Hope.

  6. Happy new year to you and the fam, Belinda. Here's hoping it's a truly blessed year.

  7. Hope 2007 is WONDERFUL for you!!!


  8. I'm proud of you for making up your mind to get where you want to be in life. And there's a lot to be said for being content with life.

    A happy and successful 2007 to you!

  9. Your clever blog title caught my attention! I was born and raised in Arkansas. ( Live in LA now) My grandmother and two aunts still live in Jonesboro! Good luck with your resolutions! Mine are very similar! Cute blog!

  10. Happy New Year.

    I have made many of the same resolutions.

  11. Excellent resolutions. Mine are not nearly so lofty. Best wishes for a wonderful 2007.

  12. Good luck with the resolutions. And Happy New Year to y'all!

    I resolved to frighten one child each month. Wish me luck with mine.

  13. Oh, I couldn't leave a comment on the Arkansas Times piece. Here's what I would of said:

    Why, you renegade! I'm not surprised. I always thought you had shifty eyes like an Al Queda or something.

  14. Happy New Year, Belinda! Ed and I got a kick out of the story of your run in with the police. As you say, it is nice to know that your law enforcement people are on top of things & good humored about being sent on the occasional wild goose chase.
    I like your magnet. The area we've moved to is even more conservative than the area we moved from (which is kind of amazing), and I wonder whether the grubby glue outline of a Christian fish on our bumper (we apparently stuck it to a slightly curved bit, and the metal part promptly came unstuck)would be enough to protect our van if we had a "peace" magnet.

  15. I wish you love.
    I wish you happiness.
    I wish you strength.
    I wish you calm.
    I wish you a year full of peace.


  16. Happy New Year, Belinda. Good luck to you this year in all those areas. That financial safety net is very important for peace of mind especially with your being in a new place and all.