Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas, Y'all, and They Lie When They Take Out Your Tonsils

They do. They say that you won't get all those sore, raw, swallowing-razorblades throat infections. Ha ha ha ha. You just won't get TONSILITIS, not technically, anyway, because you no longer have tonsils. What they don't tell you is that you'll still get sinus/throat infections, which will feel pretty much just like tonsilitis, with acute pain, and bright red stripes, where your tonsils used to be. Nice.

So we had a very nice Christmas weekend, most of which I slept through. I put a metric ton of Christmas photos up on flickr, but that's all I've managed to do for the last week, pretty much. Bella's sick, too, which is really fun, and now she has a referral to an allergist. Dangit. I guess it was too much to hope that she'd escape the scourge of allergies that her father and I suffer.

I have a ton of stuff to blahhhhhg about: Our first real visit from Santa in our own home; the recent frolicking of puppies; Alex nearly burning our house down IN HIS SLEEP; the fact that when my husband and I promise not to give each other Christmas gifts WE LIE; me actually setting the oven on fire by engaging the "self-cleaning" option...and, oh, yeah--that day I nearly got tossed into Gitmo for taking pictures in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I kid you not. It took TWO police cars to head me off at Lowe's for my "suspicious behavior." Because I am hard-core like that. Ah, well, those stories will have to wait a while. At least until I can swallow without wincing.

In the meantime, I have discovered the secret to flattering home photography. Hand the camera to the nearest 4-year-old. Around here, that usually assures at least one of two things that minimize flaws in raw photography, those being...

Overexposure (in the case of digital photography, I guess that means "over-flash"):

...and shooting sliiiightly out of focus:
That's me doing Carole Lombard. Or Veronica Lake. Or a pirate. Someone with one eye, anyway. I had just done my hair (this, in itself, is close to a semi-annual event, me "doing" anything to my hair besides washing it) to go to my family's Christmas Eve party, and Bella wanted to take a picture of it (see previous comment on the rarity of my hair being "fixed") before I got dressed. Which is good, because there are NO pictures of me from the party, because I passed out on a sofa in the den pretty much as soon as we got there, and woke up just about in time to leave. Woo-hoo, Christmas fever! Literally!

Oh! And my sister has come partially out of the flickr closet, and has some cute stuff from Christmas up, as well. Witness the hotness of Andrea and my MOM:


  1. Oooooooooohhhhh I am stewing with jealousy over that camera!! I have officially thrown my temper tantrum over NOT getting a camera for Christmas and now the wound is opened and gushing again.
    Hope to see some beautiful puppy pictures taken with that beauty.

    BTW, if I should happen to commandeer an airplane, find you house, bypass Delta and the protection crew, sneak in and pilfer that most gorgeous of cameras, please assure me that you ARE NOT as good at shooting guns as you are with photos!

    BTW2- hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. The camera floored me. I'm still shocked, and frankly, still afraid to touch it. And I won't shoot at you, but if you get close enough, there's a 50/50 shot that I could Tazer you instead of shocking myself into unconsciousness.

  3. So much hotness in your family!

  4. And it's totally appropriate that while they were running around singing and laughing and being pretty, I was drooling on the sofa in the other room.

  5. Everyone looks good and your camera was worth drooling over.

  6. Dang. She should totally take my pictures then, because I never look that good!

  7. Kim, maybe tomorrow I'll work up the nerve to pick the camera UP.

    Mr. Fab and Dave2, notorious softies. I won't tell.

    deodand, I know. Alex gets most of the credit, because she REALLY looks like him, but it's in her attitude and expressions that I see her maternal family!

  8. I always drool in the other room, but don't have a good excuse!

  9. Oh yeah I might drool over puppy picts....did you really have more puppies?

  10. Um, Belinda?

    could you possibly be any more beautifuL?

    Hate you. Love you!


  11. Girl, you look so fabulous it's disgusting. I mean it, stop being so beautiful. And that thick shiny hair. I do so hate you. No, I don't really. I'm just green with envy about how pretty you are. And my DD, she commented on the photo of your sis and mom: "Wow, that's one hot mama!"


  12. Okay, I'm REALLY not kidding when I ask this: Which one is your MOM? You must have wonderfully ageless genes in the family! Lucky you!

    Oh, and please put up some puppy pics, I could use some cute fluffiness right about now! Thanks! ;)

    Take care,

  13. Damn! That's your MOM!?. Sheeze. I hope I look that good when I'm older.

    I'm dying to hear the Walmart story.

    Oh! And I do that to my photos all the time. I pull them up on photoshop (or whatever) and then change the "white balance". You can deliberately overexpose them. It makes wrinkles disappear....

  14. Wow. For a sick girl, you still look good. I had no sickness to blame it on. Perhaps my hair is Jewish and chose not to celebrate Christmas?

  15. Hmmm. That didn't quite come out right... I mean, even though you were sick, you still looked good. Not... aw crap. Shutting up now.

  16. I need more information on this Wal-Mart experience.

    That sounds like a story!...

  17. Wow, can I hire your daughter to take all of my pictures? She's got a great eye for your, um, eye. Glad you had such a great Christmas. Looking forward to seeing some photos with the new cam.

  18. I'm witnessing the hotness of ALL Y'ALL. Oh, with the hair. With. the. hair.

    And the hotness. Oh, the hotness.

    Must. Fan. Self.

  19. I am DYING to hear the Walmart story, and to see pics of pups, and to tell you that you're so adorable!! Loved all the pics!!

  20. I absolutely can't wait to hear the new stories!

    I love these pictures. That's one talented four year old ya got there!

    And I see that extreme adorableness runs in your family.

  21. Wow I had to comment just to agree that you have one hot family. And that is what you look like sick?
    Where do I get this sickness?? And will it make my hair so thick and shiny that I would have a hard time not biting it?

  22. Hi Belinda,
    Great photos! I dropped my digital camera today and am very bummed :)
    Anyway, I thought I'd spare everyone over at suburban turmoil and just drop by here and say "truce!" I am sorry I miscontrued your comments. It never hurts to have someone correct you if you take it in the right spirit, which I obviously didn't!
    I hope you have a wonderful 2007,

  23. You're all lovely! And that was nice of Nancy to come here and apologize. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! :)

  24. Yes, I am overwhelmed by all the profusion of niceness here! Everyone knock it off. I'm working on the "Belinda Nearly Goes To Gitmo" story for the AT blog, and I'll post a link here when it's done.

    And Nancy, you are awesome. I felt really bad that I had hurt your feelings, and it's very unlike me to publicly criticize another blogger--even in comments, so yeah, I'm embarrassed. Sorry. (I actually embarrass myself on a fairly regular basis, though, so, you know, stick around. Sometimes it's funny.)

    For those of you who "missed" it, "it" was a whole stupid thing where I responded, on Lindsay's blog, to Nancy's response, on HER OWN blog, to Lindsay's response to commentors on HER blog, to an article SHE wrote somewhere ELSE. Got all that? To add insult to injury, my critical comments were barely relevant to the substance or meaning of Nancy's post. Oh, no. I was way too petty for that. I took her to task over PUNCTUATION. You know, because I am both Strunk AND White. HAHAHAHAHA.

    And critical to the issue was me saying that the use of superfluous apostrophes "sucks." Which Nancy read as me saying SHE "sucks" (And as you can see, she totally doesn't! Nor would it be my business to say so if anyone did! Unless they are Tom Cruise or the guy who put udders on all the male cattle in the movie "Barnyard!"), and to which her supporters responded by basically aligning me with Satan, which is only about 95% unfair, because anytime you start reveling in the foibles of other people,'re kind of on his side.

    That's right. Hi, I'm Belinda, and I NEVER TYPE ANYTHING WRONG. Sheesh. Anyway, I hurt a real person's feelings, and you should not do that, ever. Don't do that.

    *bows deeply, and retreats for a snack of humble pie*

    Thank you. And yes, Mom, it is definitely time for me to Get Well And Get Back To Work, because you are correct, these are the ramblings of a person with too much time on her hands. Also, I will try to stop using the term "suck."

  25. Between you, your mom, and your sister, I cannot say which one is hottest. Dang, girl! Your genes are crazy hot.

    Hope you feel better soon, and B, too!

  26. You, your sister and your mom are so beautiful! I wish I had those kind of good looks!