Thursday, December 07, 2006

Further Proof That Arabian Horses Will Do Any Darn-Fool Thing You Ask of Them

Thanks to Sue for the heads-up.

As fate would have it, I post this while keeping watch over our 3-year-old Arabian colt, Eugenius, who fights for his life tonight against a particularly merciless colic. Bloodwork and other clinical analyses are pending overnight, but the last word from the vet, as he left, was "If he's not up and much improved by morning, we need to put him to sleep." Not a lot of room for hope in that, is there?

I have had quite enough horse-related tragedy in one year, thank you. This is ENOUGH. I give.

Fight and pull through, 'Gene. Please.


  1. ohhh saying a prayer for Gene right now!!

  2. Oh, dear! I hope Eugenius pulls through!

  3. How is Gene? Did he make it?