Monday, November 27, 2006


I just finished hours of Christmas-tree decorating. Yep, finally wrestled that whole ribbon-thing into submission, and there is, I think, a solid 55 yards of ribbon on that tree. I had two spools, and didn't use all of the second one, so somewhere deep within the finished tree, there is a half a spool of ribbon fastened to a tree branch.

So now my back hurts, my shoulders hurt, and my previously-occupied-by-a-uterus-area is screaming, and I've been FULL of trepidation for days about the wisdom of investing in earth-tone Christmas-tree ornaments. I mean, seriously--chocolate/copper/gold is a good color scheme on ME, but on a Christmas tree? I had my doubts. But get it done I did, and afterward, as I lay in a heap on the floor at the base of the tree and looked up, I couldn't help think, "Ohhh, Yeahhhhhh. I like that."
Ahhhhhhhhh. DONE, I am! Well, except for figuring out what to do with the leftover ornaments, because if you think I put any on the side of the tree that's in the corner and not visible , you is delusional. I'm still impressed with myself for getting those flowers and crazy gold "sprays" on there and having it turn out looking NOT ridiculous. Here is the whole thing, and notice how the effect of the huganimous ornaments is to make this seven-and-a-half-foot tree look like a two-foot-high tabletop version. I DON'T CARE.
And yeah, I know you're not "supposed" to hang ornaments off those bottom limbs, but those were some huh-YOOGE balls (tee-hee), and I panicked. I may move them. I've already seen at least five other things I'm going to change, but I'm just too tired tonight.

So here I am, feeling like I've been beaten with a baseball bat, and like I just had abdominal surgery again, but with a smile on my face and a matching one in my heart, because now it feels like Christmas, our first one of many in this house. Between this and the bird-and-squirrel show outside my windows, it's definitely feeling like home. Now I have only to "let go" and give Alex and Bella free rein to decorate the "fun" tree in front of the living room window (If I move stuff when they're gone, you won't tell, will you?). I think I've made it abundantly clear that anyone who touches this one, does so on pain of death.

Here's one shot, without the flash, looking down through the limbs toward the floor. Click any of these pics to enlarge, and of course, there is more of this foolishness ri'cheer on flickr.


  1. These photos are so beautiful and so elegant! I love them. I love all the photos of decor around the blogosphere. I need to get crackin'!

  2. Not supposed to hang on the bottom limbs? When did that regulation come out? I've been in violation for years--all the unbreakables go low.

  3. Whoa! That is one spectacular tree. It looks like one of those trees you see in Martha magazine. It's too perfect to be believed. And I LOVE those gold sticky-out things. I'm not sure what they are, but they really add a ton to the tree. The whole thing is so elegant and sophisticated. But I'm dying to see the other tree, the one decorated by Bella and Alex. That's gotta be swell, too. Take pictures BEFORE you rearrange, OK?

    ANy success on the bow front?

  4. It's gorgeous.. :) and sparkly. I love sparkly!

  5. Thanks the color scheme doesn't turn you off? I really worried about it being "non-traditional." BUT WOW, DOES IT MATCH THE ROOM IT'S IN!!

    And doesn't dave have a way with words? No wonder he is such a popular blogger!!

  6. B: Beautiful!!! You know if Germany they put up Christmas trees on Dec. 24. Every year I have to argue with the German to put it up on Dec. 15 (when my mom always did). Then he only wants white lights, gold balls, and red candles. There is some serious lack of imagination over here.

  7. Very pretty!

    Looks like an elegant store display!

  8. Traditional? Bah! Tradition is what YOU make it, and if your tradition includes chocolate, gold, and copper (a yummy combo!), there you go! It's a bee-yoo-ti-ful tree, and I am supremely jealous of it. Haven't even begun to get mine up yet.

  9. I bow down before your superior decorating skills, and I erect my fiber-optic tree in silent shame, over in the corner.

    I had no idea you could color-coordinate your tree to the room you're in. I always just assumed that it should be... ummm... tree-colored. This is what happens when you're raised Jewish and then switch teams later.

  10. ahhh the calm before the poodle storm.....wait'll those curly cuties getta loada dat!

  11. Belinda~~ That tree is stunning! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. You know, the ones *after* the Poodle puppies learn how to walk.....and swat at those lovely ornaments right there at the perfect height for little paws. Yup, those will be some great pictures! I'm considering putting our tree on top of Trevor's crate. Then i know he won't go anywhere near it.

  12. Oh, that's quite lovely. Job well done!

  13. I love when people turn tree-decorating into art. Mine just looks like a plain ol' Christmas tree, but yours is stunning! You have talent.

  14. great work!

    We don't even have our tree yet. Next weekend, we'll tackle the pleasure/pain of Christmas decoration. (Can't you hear my voice crackling with excitement?)

  15. I love your tree, decorating, and color scheme. I haven't put mine up yet, but last year I had the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Hopefully, I can find a better one this year:o)

  16. That is a beautiful Christmas tree!

  17. claire: I can't imagine putting up a tree the night before Christmas, but I know there are people here who do that, too. The biggest reason I like to have decorations up by Dec. 1 is so that we have maximum time to enjoy them, because it is SUCH hard work!

    leslie: Awwww, shucks. I expect I'll keep fiddling with it for at least a week to get it "just right."

    p-bugz: I am hoping the color scheme will inspire a small gift of super-quality chocolates, perhaps. Got any suggestions? (I think a small box of John & Kira's herb-infused chocolates would be perfection, myself.)

    mir: I really didn't set out to do that, but since that room is positively BATHED in those colors anyway, I realized early on that the traditional reds and burgundies would just strike a dissonant chord in there. So when I saw this particular set of ornaments, I turned to Alex and asked if he'd be willing to give up gifts to each other this year and get a really good pre-lit tree and the nice ornaments that compliment the room, and he agreed.

    melissa: Come see us! (new puppies!!!)

    jules: I have never, ever had a single poodle show the slightest inappropriate interest in the Christmas tree. Never. Guess I've been lucky. The only exception was my childhood-to-adulthood mini poodle, Zorro, who sniffed out a package of Godiva chocolates from under the tree and pretty much shredded that package to get at the contents.

    avalon: See above comment. ;-) What are you decorating your trees with, Bullystix? Someday, I WOULD like to do a small "doggie tree," with little bones and treats all over it, and poodle ornaments (I do have a few, you know). *ahem*

    WWK--thank! And long time, no see! I'll stop by later and see what you're up to!

    doahleigh: Thank you kindly. I had two thoughts when I was all caught up in the frenzy of it; the first being, "Hey, I could hire myself out to do this," and the second being, "BUT I NEVER WOULD."

    ZB: At least you HELP. I can't even count the number of women I know who take this chore on all by themselves. Granted, I did not allow Alex to come near while I was decorating this one, but that was out of selfishness--I just wanted complete creative control! May your decorating go smoothly and uneventfully!

    kim: If some marketing genius were to get the rights to, and sell, a reproduction of the actual "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?" IT WOULD TOTALLY SELL. I know I'd buy one!

    whims: Thank you most kindly!! I'm getting into it for the first time ever in my "adult" life!

    elizabeth: See above comment! Thank you!

  18. That tree is incredible! Really gorgeous!

    I can't put up my tree for another 2 1/2 weeks yet - I've been given the decree. I shouldn't complain though because in Germany that's early. Most people I know here put their tree up on December 23 or 24. What's the point?

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