Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There Are Not Enough Drugs in the World

Not enough to quell the turbulence in my gut, apparently. Seriously, I've spent the entire day taking Lomotil AND Donnatal--PILES of it, not eating, and yet still I'm in pain and constantly in the bathroom. AND still fighting a stupid fever that has me wrapped in a heavy fleece blanket, underneath three MORE covers, freezing to death, only to have the fever periodically break when the analgesics finally kick in, so that I wake up burning up and bathed in sweat. Whee. And yet...AND YET, I drag myself, sick and wounded, to the computer here in the eleventh hour of the eighth day of NABLOPOMO, just to keep my commitment to this insane (no offense, M. K.) project.

Anyway, before you ask, YES, I've seen a gastroenterologist, though it might be time to see him again, and YES, I've had a colonoscopy. And YES, I've followed the Diet That Eliminates All Foods That Can Exacerbate I.B.S., Namely Any Foods That Taste Good, all to no avail. So I live my life on Atropine and Belladonna-based drugs, simultaneously cursing them for their non-effectiveness and praising God for them because HOW BAD WOULD IT BE WITHOUT THEM?

Ugh. And I try, really TRY, not to talk politics on this blog, but on a day like Just, wow. A woman, third in line for the presidency? WOW. I did not check any news sources at all today, not even the TV, until late this evening, and my first reaction was, "WHOA--Rummy's really GONE?" Next was "WHOA--the SENATE turned over, too?"

What a ride. Here's hoping that we're not just exchanging one tidal-wave of single-party politics for another one.


  1. (HUGS)

    Are you sure this one's IBS and not a stomach bug with the fever?

    I'm still hanging in on NABLOPOMO too.

  2. Have you ever been tested for celiac disease? It could explain your "IBS."

  3. I hope you feel better soon. IBS is such a royal pain in the ass. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just going to poop myself to death.

  4. Yeah, I can't help but worry this is one of those "be careful what you wish for" scenarios.

    The Dems' win, not your intestinal problems. :)

    Still, though, it makes for a lovely month: first the Cardinals, then this. And unbelievably gorgeous weather to boot. Somewhere, some Midwestern liberal is out of wishes.

  5. man, so sorry to hear you're feeling bad. i'm thinking all the positive changes in politics will perk you up maybe just a little, hmm?

    feel better.

  6. I'm not completely up to date on your innards but do you still have your gallbladder? My gallbladder attacks mimic IBS an awful lot.

    Feel better, sugar, and get as much rest as you can.

  7. Sorry about your pain, happy about your politics! When you're feeling better, I want to see you 20 years ago! (Meme chez moi.)

  8. Oh, anonymous expresses my worst fear. Celiac disease. Don't want it. So, just pretending I don't know about it won't make it go away if I do?