Thursday, November 09, 2006

Probably The Incorrect Response To, "You're Pretty."

"Your breath stinks."


  1. Hee hee... hard to come up with a post a day, eh?

  2. The response is not totally incorrect 'cause it can be responded this way:

    "Would you be there for me to help me get rid of this bad breath problem?"


  3. This is ALL THAT HAPPENED to me today, and that not until after 10:00 PM. I was either unconscious or delirious from Stupid Mystery Fever all day.

    And it totally counts, because I posted a big ol' thing over at the Times blog.

  4. Oh, it totally counts because it made me laugh out loud at 4 am.

    Bella upate: object is finished and getting graded. It will then go into the big envelope we bought earlier this week and into the mail. So hopefully it will be mailed on Tuesday, as there is no school tomorrow (today).

  5. What gets me is how people have always commented on how tall I am (6 ft). I would never presume to comment on someone's body shape/size/characteristics. When people ask if I play basketball I've always wanted to say, "No, do you sumo wrestle?" if they are large. I've never had the guts though.

  6. And this was especially bad, because it was MY HUSBAND. I honestly just blurted out the first thing in my head, which was his morning-breath, before I'd registered what HE had said to me. OOOPS.