Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh, Those Silly City-Folk...

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If you don't know, we don't get our network satellite feeds from local channels, but rather from east and west-coast network affiliates. So it is that I am privy to this breaking news during the "Dr. Phil" (yes, it's come to that) show:

There is a bull (an actual, live, male bovine, sans udder) running loose on the streets of Newark, New Jersey.

And everyone is acting like it's some kind of big deal. *snicker*

Heck, we have to honk our car horns at goats, chickens and ducks just to get down the street to our driveway every day, and you don't hear us hollerin' about it. Or see us chasing it with a news-chopper, which, in case you're wondering, does nothing toward calming a stressed-out animal and facilitating its capture.


  1. Yep, those city-fied sissies don't know how good they got it, do they?

    I can't wait until I have to honk at goats!! It's part of my financial goal for the future!! Five years to go! :)

  2. Here's an article about it:

    I've been in Newark, and they are not used to bovines in the streets there - canines, felines, birds yes!

  3. And airplanes all over the runways and taxiways, right? I think about you ALL the time, having my news coming out of NJ and NYC.

    And IE, really, it's not that great. When people have goats, and you live near them, it is your dearest wish that they keep said goats CONTAINED, which is easier said than done, with goats. In truth, it's those attitude-having ducks that really "get our goats." HAR HAR HAR. Seriously, they don't even hurry to get out of the way.

  4. I saw that it made headline news and thought that was funny. We stop for all kinds of animals in Peru. We came around the corner the other day and there was a mule there, no halter on and chained to the light pole. Just hanging out waiting for his owners to come back.

  5. I saw that while I was running at the gym earlier today and didn't even bother to turn down my iPod because I thought, "Hello, New Jersey? Ummm... is this your big story tonight? Wow. Slow night, eh?"

    And I do NOT live in a place where honking at bovine, goats and chickens (I thought you had it out for the duck?) run amok.

    Weirdos run amok even more...

  6. I laughed about the bull....but only because I live in the Midwest and shit like this happens all the time!! :)

  7. Bulls. Pshaw! We had a MOOSE at Bloomingdales. Top that, NJ!

  8. My DH had a feud with the elk that ate the flowers in our mailbox garden. One midnight, he chased after the elk in his tighty-whities, throwing gravel and shouting.

    Elk, cows meandering down the dirt road, coyotes, porcupines, and the skunks that occasionally live under our porch...It really is a different perspective!

  9. Kate: Um...can I just ask you where you live, and if MY husband might be leading a double life as YOUR husband, also?

    I have photographic evidence of Alex, wearing an ensemble of boxer-briefs, rubber boots, raincoat and cowboy hat, fixing a reluctant Christmas light in our driveway.

    Also, nothing gets him out the door faster, armed with whatever he can reach, than a cry from me of, "HEY! There's a strange DOG ON OUR PROPERTY!" Because we HATE. THAT.

  10. Yup. A cow chewed up our lawn once. Or twice. Wild turkey, coyotes, deer, bear, all present in my parts. Yet people still freak out when they a squirrel sometimes.