Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Should Save This For A Rainy Day, But...

You know me better than that. I'm the person who cannot buy Christmas gifts early, for no other reason than my inability to keep my mouth shut about it for more than an average of 5 days, and THAT is painful.

So, what I want to know is, has anyone else received any spam email with the subject line "MANIPULATIVE CITRUS?"

I am beyond intrigued by that one. Would opening that email lead me to a solution to the nagging problem of manipulative citrus? I mean, sure, every time I pass by the lemon display at the grocery store, I hear tiny, sour little voices, but I thought that was just ME. Wonder what they're trying to coerce me into doing?

But what do I know? I guess the email could contain tips on how to convince your citrus to be MORE manipulative, though why you'd want that, when your Mandarin oranges already think they're better than you (oops--just ME again?), I can't imagine.

Or they could just be trying to intrigue weirdos like me into opening the message, only to find out it's all "penis this," and "Viagra that." *sigh* I guess I'll never know.

But apparently, I'm not completely alone.


  1. You know, I have been feeling VERY manipulated by a jar of Pink Grapefruit in my fridge. I feel so much better now!

    P.S. I too am doing NaBloPoMo.

  2. Love the picture! We have so far (crossing fingers) been lucky as regards spam, and, in my innocence, I would undoubtedly click on that one. I hope someone who Has clicked it will let you know what intriguing message it leads to!

  3. I'm sure you would regret it once you clicked it open:o)

    I have never noticed being manipulated by my citrus, but then maybe mine is so good I don't realize it!!!

  4. Yeah, I think Florida citrus is so happy that it doesn't feel the need to be passive-aggressive. ;-)

  5. So, is that a trumpet case behind the demon lemon? Inquiring band geek minds want to know!

  6. Geez. My lemons are pushy enough as it is. I don't need any extra manipulation from them....

    But good for you for not opening it. I think I did that by accident, and my spam has recently gotten much more X-rated. (Just blogged about it, actually:

    Good luck keeping your undermining citrus at bay!

  7. I think the little key limes we have down here in Mexico are the culprits. They manipulate you to have just one more shot of tequila.