Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Guess "Gary Pawn" Would Have Been Too Obvious

I'm one of those people who still watches "Law and Order," The Mothership. And yes, usually SVU and sometimes CI, too. Can't help it. What normally happens is that I TiVo them, and keep them in reserve for occasions when I can't sleep...which is pretty much every night since the hysterectomy.

And so it was that I found myself watching Friday's episode of "Law and Order" on Saturday night. They insist on keeping that whole "ripped from the headlines" theme going, and so this was the episode that featured Chevy Chase playing, well...Mel Gibson. Right down to the use of the term "sugart*ts." Of course, they added a murder, so it wasn't exactly the same. And, you know, they try to be realistic and current. But there came a moment at which I lost my mind a little (I'm doing that a lot at the television lately. Perhaps I should read more.), and that moment was this:There's the Mel-Gibson-ish character, doing his requisite on-air "apology," and telling the world that "some of my best friends are Jews." On the "BARRY BISHOP" show. At this point, my attention totally leaves the plotline of the show, as I try to imagine the writer's meeting at which they came up with this. "Let's see...we could call him 'Gary Pawn.' No, wait...'Derry Rook'? We could make the character a woman, and call her 'Mary Queen,' but then the whole suspender angle gets lost, and people might not realize who we're trying to represent, here.

And check out the logo in the photo above. Then look at this one, which is from the actual MYSTERY show being copied:Apparently, the fictional "Barry Bishop" has less to compensate for, if you get my drift (and I know you do).

I know what you're thinking: "Oh, that's just a coincidence, Belinda. Surely television writers realizing that something like this, rather than enhancing the "realism" of the show, actually detracts from viewer attention while the viewers slap their heads and wail, "You have GOT to be kidding me. 'Barry BISHOP'?!?"

Oh, really? Check it out:I think my point is that I'm ready for "Law and Order" to stop "rip(ping things) from the headlines" and just write some original plots, like they used to. Remember that?

Or I could just keep watching "Dexter" and growing more and more emotionally disturbed.


  1. Or ditch the boring TV programming, and go see "BORAT." Absolutely hysterical.

  2. I only saw like maybe the last 5 minutes of the show, having forgotten that CC was going to be on, but even I, a Lost and Order neophyte (I only like SVU and Criminal Intent, not the original show) figured out the whole Chevy=Mel, Barry=Larry thing. And I swear, I missed pretty much the whole show.

    We're so smaaht, aren't we?

  3. Sadly, I love things like that because they make me feel smart on my dumbest day... But I agree, get some original story lines, or we'll have nothing to make remakes of in 20 years.

  4. I love L&O, especially CI!!! I watched the original for years and eventhe movie:o)

    I don't get to watch it here, but can see what you are talking about in your post. A little originality wouldn't hurt.

  5. I love CSI: SVU. (Do you remember Christopher Meloni on OZ? Full frontal!!!)

    My "Diva Daughter" told me I have turned into a TV ADDICT. That stung....

    I have this mental picture of a TV addict as a little old lady sitting in her well-worn chair next to a tv tray with her channel changer and TV Guide. She is wearing a housecoat and houseshoes, with her hair in rollers, with a dozen cats hanging off of her.

    Do poodles count?

  6. Better yet, did you realize that was Christoper Meloni playing the part of "Freakshow" in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle?"

    Priceless. And yes, he IS why I watch SVU. I like him (and Mariska) better than any other L&O characters. Well, Sam Watterston is probably what keeps me watching the Mothership show.

    And having Ice-T around doesn't hurt, either. I have never figured out my fascination with Ice-T, but I lurve him. Speaking of which, have you SEEN his new VH1 show where he's teaching hip-hop/rap to a bunch of stuffy white prep-school kids? Again, priceless.

  7. I still watch all the L&O's too, and I agree. I find all the ripped from the headlines stories a little tiresome.

    There are a lot of writers looking for work these days, what with the proliferation of reality TV. You would think they'd pick some up with some imagination...

  8. I'm not a fan of Law & Order, but I'm quickly becoming addicted to Dexter. What a bizarre-yet-wonderful show!