Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Flu Shot Pictorial

On the way, and pushin' those elevator buttons. She has accompanied US to the doctor so many times, she pretty much knows the drill.

All happy: "I'm getting a flu shot!" She loves coming here--I think it's the suckers.

The swabbing. We're still alright here, but she's beginning to remember what's actually coming.

Now she's showing definite concern, but thankfully not real fear.

"1-2-3-stick." It happens. Daddy stepped in to hold her arm, just in case, but she never flinched.

Despite appearances, she did not actually cry or shed a single tear. It was just this pitiful face, accompanied by several, "OW OW OW OW OWs!"

And very quickly, the prospect of the glorious Tootsie-Pop begins to wash away all the shot-related badness.

And just like that, we're ALL GOOD! Yaaay! We bragged and bragged on her bravery, and then she got to watch while Daddy got yet ANOTHER gram of Rocephin injected into his hip. She got a HYOOOOGE kick out of this. The best part was that, when the nurse swabbed Alex's hip, she fanned the spot with her hand, the quicker to dry the alcohol so she could give the shot. Bella interpreted this hand-fanning near Alex's buttock region differently, however, and gloriously announced to all and sundry outside the office that "Nurse Lisa gave Daddy a shot in his butt, and she waved her hand like THIS because HIS BUTT WAS REEEEEALLLLLLY STINKY!" I thought I would laugh myself SICK. We went to Hastings and she got two books for her bravado, and chicken pizza for dinner.

Meanwhile, MY flu-shot injection site STILL hurts. Apparently Bella is tougher than me, because she says her arm is fine now. Hmmmph. And on Alex's part, he is so full of antibiotics that within a couple of days, he should have no bacteria of any kind, beneficial or not, left in his entire body. Tonight he took all his bipolar meds, along with his asthma/breathing meds, AND his Levaquin, and now reports feeling "disembodied." Great. Just what I need right now--husband having pneumonia AND out-of-body experiences. Which is just as well, because he brought home, into MY house, a frickin' TOM CRUISE movie, so if I do his body violence, maybe he won't be in there to feel it.

P.S. Tom Cruise sucks.


  1. A Tom Cruise movie? I will no longer be betrothed to such a thoughtless swine. How COULD he?

    Bella is so freaking brave. A certain Boy I know has more tears and angst over shots than she does. It's mortifying.

  2. That Bella cracks me up!! You should be very proud that she is that little and has such a wicked sense of humor. Poor Alex, brave Bella and Cruise-blind Belinda.

    BTW, did you get your engraved invitation to the Tom-kat wedding? I'm thinking mine must have been delayed in International mail.

  3. Geez, I didn't get a Tootsie Pop, books OR chicken pizza after my flu shot! And my arm hurt for DAYS afterwards. Nathan bursts into sobs at the mere mention of a shot, so he has not had the flu shot yet.

    I LOVE LOVE the ruffle around the bottom of Bella's jumper-adorable!!

  4. Okay, it's official, we have to visit R-Kansas. Dink and Bella sound like they were broken off the same angel before they were born.

    Dink cries if she can't go to the doctor, gets mad if she can't go to the dentist, and has a royal FIT if her outfits aren't perfectly matched.


    That apple fell off the tree, rolled down the hill, and hopped a fence into another orchard.

    Tom Cruise does suck.

  5. Oh! Bella is so brave! I would have cried for days. I cannot tolerate flu shots anymore, they always make me sick!

  6. What a brave little girl Bella is!!! She deserves lots of Tootsie Pops for being such a good girl:o)

  7. That's perfect. What a brave girl, getting a shot AND dealing with a daddy with a stinky bum. She definitely deserves a reward!

  8. That Bella is a walking comedy show, I swear! And she can say whatever she wants when she's looking that cute.

    PS Yes about Tom Cruise.

  9. I think Bella did better getting her flu shot than I did!

    She's such a crack up!

  10. Wow, I'm impressed with how brave Bella was!! She did much better than I ever did! And the stinky butt thing is HI-LAR-IOUS!

  11. These are classic side effect to levaquin which is by far THE MOST toxic antibiotic on the market. Suggest you log unto and read up on these adverse reactions before your husband is crippled for life. This drug has killed and crippled more people than you could possibly imagine. It makes vioxx look like baby aspirin in comparision

  12. Yup, fluoroquinolones are some scary stuff. They don't hold a candle to some of Alex's OTHER meds, though, as far as side effects go. I faced the same issue myself recently during my hospitalization, when I was on both oral AND I.V. Ciprofloxacin for nearly a month. Everything when it comes to drugs is a calculated risk, right down to vaccinations. You gotta weigh potential risk vs. potential benefit. I appreciate the heads-up, and we'll definitely be watchful, as we always are with Alex's meds, because he takes SO MANY. In this particular case, we've basically been through what would be, for "normal" people, FOUR ROUNDS of powerful antibiotics. We can't sit around and wait for him to die of pneumonia, and it's hard to see what choice doctors have but to keep upping the ante when a dangerous infection refuses to clear up.

    I mean, when injectible Rocephin didn't do the job, what choice did that leave us? See what I mean? And he's already steering clear of steroids to reduce inflammation, because of the potential adverse reactions given his bipolar disorder. It's a hard road that my husband has to walk when it comes to his health, and we do our best to stay informed. From what I can tell, though, this is one of those cases where he's in immediate danger and the potential risk of possible adverse reactions has to be weighed against the immediate ACTUAL risk of a sequestered lung (or worse) from an ACTUAL, ACTIVE, and highly drug-resistant pneumatic infection.

    But that sort of input is ALWAYS welcome, because you can NEVER have too much information when it comes to medications. Thank you.