Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everyone Should Have Some

Mainly me. I should have some. But are they mine? Oh-ho, no. Bella got a package today, all the way from Boston. It had a few select little treasures in it, but primary for both of us: Behold The Pajama-Pants of Awesomeness, courtesy of The Girl, who is Bella's newest "Best Friend":

Do you see?* Do you see why they are fabulous, aside from the fact that someone MADE THEM WITH HER VERY OWN HANDS, which I couldn't do to save my life? (Seriously--these things look like they were stitched up by a pro. Coolness.) Check out the fabric. It's cuddly-soft flannel, for one thing, but look at that print (click to enlarge).

Yup, black poodles. PRETTY black poodles! And now is the point at which every poodle person who reads this blog (and that's plenty, because OUR NUMBERS ARE LEGION) is screaming to themselves, "WHERE CAN I GET THAT FABRIC?!?!?" Maybe someone will tell us. Maybe someone will also tell me how to pry the poodle socks that were intended for ME away from this child, who insists that she "is SO big enough" to wear them.

*Also, do you see the obviously genetic monkey-toes? Yeah. Those are mine. You know you wish you had you some of those, so you, too, could hang upside-down from a clothesline. Admit it.

Ahhhhhh...long day, pressies in the mail, the threat of "phone calls to Santa" are holding steady as a disciplinary procedure that we plan to milk for all it's worth for the next month, and best of all, free NABLOPOMO post. Life is good.


  1. And now you know why I was SO excited about this package for Bella. Aren't those the cutest things EVER? She worked so hard on them. And the fabric. Well, I wish I could say it was imported from France or something, but nope, JoAnne Fabrics was the spot where we found it. And we have MORE. Heh!

    Today the girl brought home a hat she made. It's polar fleece in a lovey cow print. I am SO loving this Fashion Design class she's taking!

    Hugs to Bella. And Alex. Ok, and you too!

  2. Nooo, see I have my own monkey toes. The come in handy for picking up pencils without bending over. 'Cause...you know...that's just a pain.

    Right? Right.

  3. THEY. They come in handy.

    Daggnabbit! I even did the preview and everything.

  4. I'm a cat person, but dang! Those are some cute britches!!!

    I too have prehensile toes. My dad used to say my feet were the best argument he knew of to support the theory of evolution. Um, that's not a bad thing, is it?

    Because seriously, how do other people LIVE without monkey toes?

  5. I HAVE THAT FABRIC!!! But not in flannel. Darn it. I want every poodle fabric that exists, and there isn't a JoAnn fabric in Memphis. Or even nearby.

    Remember Belinda on the "Trading of Mason Day" when I found flannel poodle fabric for only $2 a yard in the Brinkley, Arkansas WalMart? I bought the entire bolt of fabric. I thought I had hit gold. You looked at me like I had two heads!

    But it just goes to show, you never know where you will find a wonderful treasure. Even at a nasty WalMart in Brinkley Arkansas.

    I so want some pants like Bella's!!!

  6. Oh, I love that fabric, it makes very cute pajama bottoms:o) We have a Joann's Fabric in our city, I will have to check it out.

    I am leaving tonight and get home tomorrow to celebrate Thnaksgiving with my family, so maybe Friday I can go look. I could make something nice and warm for my girls to wear.

  7. I have the fabric too, but not in flannel. I also have a purple one with Poodles.
    Darn. is there a way to morph cotton into flannel? It's getting cold here and I need flannel. C'mon, somebody help a girl out here. There must be a website........

  8. Oh I totally have the monkey toe thing too. I can even snap my toes.

    Those jammie pants are beyond cuteness as is the adorable model wearing them. You are never, ever, ever allowed to throw them away. When she's fifty, she needs to still have those jammie pants.

    Word verification: pjrzfee. pj arez f' me.

  9. Want the pants. Want them now!!! And the socks!! I have 7-8 pairs of poodle socks, and I needs more, my precious!

    And, I gots the monkey toes, too. I can hold a pencil in my right foot and write my name. Learned that one day in 12th grade government class...which probably says volumes about my high school education.

  10. Who needs a poodle skirt when you have cool poodle pants? My girl would love those too.

  11. I'm intrigued at all the women who admit to having monkey-toes. I wonder if they, too, use them to pick up dirty laundry off the floor. I mean, IF my dirty laundry was ON THE FLOOR. What I meant was, when I'm carefully sorting it from among my many super-organized hampers, and an item ACCIDENTALLY falls on the floor.

  12. Well, I wouldn't know about the picking-up-dirty-laundry thing, because we just never, ever have dirty laundry. Because, you know, we don't stink and stuff. But! I can eat Chinese food with chopsticks using my toes.

    Okay, that's a lie. I'm not that flexible.