Sunday, November 12, 2006


Remember those papers you used to have to write in high school and college, speculating about what you'd be doing in 10, 20, 30 years from that time? Yeah?

Did anyone write, "Clipping grocery coupons while watching the World Juggling Federation Championships on ESPN2?" No? Yeah, I thought not. (Seriously, click the link.)

Oh, and just a note: If you watch this with a man, he will, after 10 minutes, be an expert on critiquing the competitors, and will be using the juggling insider terminology.

Bonus material for today: Every once in a while, Alex gets off a good joke. Last night, when discussing the fact that now there is a woman 3rd in line for the presidency, he got to musing, and said, "Well, pheasant season is in full swing in Texas right now...she might just be one Bush-Cheney hunting trip away from the presidency."


  1. Does Alex juggle?

    As a juggler, I found it downright pornographic (and I mean that in the good way that the word "pornography" is so rarely used...)

  2. I like Alex's musing :)

    Are you feeling better?

  3. NO, Alex does NOT juggle. We were blown away by the whole spectacle, frankly.

    And I still have stupid allergies going on, but that's nothing new. I'm making an appointment for blood tests to check for celiac disease, thanks to Molly.

  4. OMG~~~ who woulda' thunk it? They actually have champion jugglers!! I knew I missed out on my calling in life!! Oh, wait.

    I can't juggle either.

  5. It wasn't my ambition but the aptitude tests the guidance counselor gave me in high showed I was best suited for a career Clipping grocery coupons while watching the World Juggling Federation Championships on ESPN2. Does that count? :: smile ::

  6. Hillarious. Having a women in the White House could be a good thing.


    A real feel good juggling video!

  8. Heh, yeah I know I'm gonna go to hell for this, but I thought the same thing about Nancy Pelosi. :)
    I couldn't believe the other day on ESPN they actually had DARTS as a sport!! It just seems that sports should make you sweat, know what I mean?
    About the high school thing, looking back, there's no way we could have known what we'd be doing. I mean, when I was in high school, computers weren't even around! As for coupons, omgosh, they are a godsend!!

  9. I think we need a new category - gaming vs. sports.