Tuesday, November 07, 2006

After All The Nagging I Did To Get Everyone To Vote...

I didn't. I was knocked out with antihistamines, sweating out a fever, when I should have been at the polls. Fortunately, everyone I would have voted for seems to be winning by a comfortable margin. Now, if I still lived in Pulaski County, I could have had Alex drop me by to vote, conveniently, after seeing the doctor today. But now we live in a different county, and there was no way either of us could summon up the strength to drive to yet another town to stand in line at the polls before going home to collapse.

I got a nifty new antihistamine that is working wonders (finally) for my heinous drainage (Is that a great name for a band/blog, or what?), some new drugs for my highly-irritable bowel, and Alex got a great big shot of Rocephin, because he has pneumonia. AGAIN. And yes, he's had that lifetime pneumonia vaccine. We won't be endorsing the manufacturer of that little wonder.

SO: The moral of this little cautionary tale? Participate in your area's EARLY VOTING option. Because you never know what will happen on election day. You could be unconscious, unable to get to the polls to cancel out your husband's single "wrong" vote. Seriously, if a certain race in our county is decided by one vote, someone in this household is in BIG trouble.

NOW: To discover the moral of the cautionary tale about why you should ALWAYS COUNT YOUR PILLS when you get a prescription filled, skip on over to my Arkansas Times blog. Consider it a public service announcement. Really, it's important.


  1. You would have been a-ok here in Oregon Belinda, as we are all vote by mail.

    BUT - if something in our county or state is decided by ONE VOTE someone here is in giant trouble here too. Cause someone here was "too siiiiiick" to put his pen to his ballot.

    Okay, back to my election returns!

  2. Don't feel bad! My husband didn't vote either. The goof! He has no excuse because he wasn't taking any antihistamines, nor was he sick.

    I do hope you the new antihistamine keeps working wonders. Do you have allergies?
    I get them every so often myself.

  3. Now I feel like crap for writing my "Get out and VOTE" blog. I wrote it several days ago, only posting it Monday night.

    We voted early, and my daughter voted via absentee. But we all voted.

    The worst conditions I ever voted in was when I was well past my due date 24 years ago. Ashley (almost 10lbs) was born the next day. The poll workers were all horrified and rushed me to the front of the line. No one wanted to deliver the baby!

    Hope you feel better.

  4. I voted but my husband didn't. Fortunately, I think all the right people won here also.

    Hope you feel better soon, it hasn't been easy for you lately.

  5. Yea, today I was so swamped I was regretting the same thing.

  6. I didn't vote due to being out of the country. The absentee ballots were not ready before I left and the mail service here, I would never have received it. I feel bad about not voting. This is the first time that I have not been able to. I haven't check ed to see if the ones I wanted won or not.

    Hope you both feel better soon.

  7. Ack! I hope y'all can get rid of those funky germs soon! Poor Alex!

  8. There is no way you could have known you'd be ill. NOT your fault. The changing of the guard is at hand and we can all breathe a little easier, today...

    Good day to be a Dem! :-)

  9. Hope you are feeling better!! At least Alex had the decency to be wretchedly sick with you, so you didn't feel the need to drag yourself from your bed and cancel him out.
    I had to walk all the way across the street to the elementary school to vote (although, I did first have to call the voter's office to find out Where I was supposed to vote, since they'd messed up my new voter's reg. twice and I still don't have a card.). Ed was quite put out that he Couldn't vote, being as how he hasn't gotten around to registering or anything (sometimes, I don't know what goes through that man's head). I've no idea how the local elections went, but we've been pretty pleased with the national news today.

  10. I LOVE our vote-by-mail system in Oregon...I potentially have a couple of weeks to ponder and vote. Now, do I? Oh no, I procrastinate as usual and vote in the last couple of days (or hours). But then I can drop it off at the library, or do a drive-by at the elections office. Very niiiiice.