Friday, October 27, 2006

Too Distracted to THINK

OK. Tomorrow is Bella's long-awaited Purple Pony Party. I'm afraid she will be disappointed that more of her friends from school won't be there (seriously--we got ONE RSVP out of twelve invitations to her classmates, and that one was from the friend whose party SHE attended last week, where she was also the ONLY one from school there). How do you do it, successful parents? Her church friends (there's only a couple her age) are otherwise engaged, too. We'll have TONS of family around, and the whole Decorating of the Pony should garner major delight. I mean, I don't think she'll be crushed, but this week while she's been play-acting her party games, I've heard the recitation of names of her classmates. Whose parents did NOT RSVP, so I assume are not coming. Admittedly, I don't know these parents, but you gotta start somewhere, and we're in Pre-K3, people! How do you DO it? We don't even want gifts, just a bunch of kids to come eat and play and ride a pony! HOW HARD IS THAT??

Also, good friend Michelle came over and helped detangle, brush, clip, and basically spiff up Magic the pony, as well as repairing her western saddle with a new "tie strap" (I was chastised for calling it a "billet strap" like the English-riding person that I am), which is good, since I hadn't the first clue how to attach the thing, and the last thing I need are lawsuits from preschoolers coming detached from said pony due to the saddle being incorrectly fastened. Michelle is also supplying a pony girth, since I also got laughed out of the park for trying to make my horse girth work by adding more holes to the "tie strap." Whatever. So the plan now is to just braid Magic's mane and the top of her tail, strategically apply purple ribbons, and festoon her with purple leg-wraps and a purple saddle-pad and matching halter and lead. I'll scrub her feet well in the morning and apply purple glitter, and stencil on the glitter designs, as well as working glitter through her mane and tail. I'm hoping that and the abundance of family present will detract from the lack of kids from her class. I sent those little ingrates a homemade CAKE last week, you know. Grrrrrr.

What concerns me is how hurt and tired I am right now after VERY little effort on my part helping Michelle prep the pony for tomorrow. There is still a TON of cleaning to be done, plus all the shopping, and I already feel like I might die. How in the WORLD am I going to manage a full-blown party tomorrow? I can't just dump it all on Alex, though I'm sure he's figuring that's what's gonna happen. Shoot. Stupid bad surgery timing, and stupid stupid near-death bronchitis that wasted our birthday-prep week!

Also? St. Louis Cardinals very possibly winning. The World. Series. TONIGHT. We can't even see straight around here. And I'll be freaking out scanning the crowd for Kelly, who IS THERE IN PERSON. She's promised to make a sign, but we don't know what it says! No matter, I'm sure I'll know it if I see it. I'm way jealous, but it couldn't happen to a nicer person. GO CARDS! (Sorry, Erin...but it's my CARDINALS. Can't help it.)

So between hopeless exhaustion and hopeless distraction, there is no telling how this party tomorrow is actually going to shape up. Can we just feed them cake and then turn them loose in a dog-pen full of beach-balls for two hours? No? What if we give them sticks? Small ones?


Oh, and I do have a new post up over at the AT blog, probably only of interest to locals.


  1. Belinda,I'd be there, and I'd RSVP! I just survived Natalie's 8th birthdy party. 10 girls. Sleepover. Husband left the house and didnt come home until 4 am, thus providing no help whatsoever.

    Hugs to you. You will survive. I wish I could do a purple pony party. Maybe a purple poodle?

    Love ya!

  2. Dude, I'm with ya on the "kids at the party" deal. I'd send Dinker down there if I could; alas, I fear here travelling alone. There's no telling WHAT mayhem the little imp could cause.


    I see you have a VOX addy on your sidebar. I *just* signed up for a VOX blog. NOt like I'll use it or anything, I just don't want someone to take my blog name (I'm possessive that way). I have a feeling VOX's gonna be the "new" Blogger (since Blogger sux so bad).

    Right ...

    Have fun with the sparkly Pony thingy tomorrow. And keep your chin up, chickie. It'll all work out.

    A homemade cake? Dang, you are nice. I send store bought cupcakes for the little vandals ... I MEAN, the little darlings!


    = sob! =

  4. Ok, you have a PURPLE PONY AND CAKE. Dude, the rest of the party is just going to take care of itself!!

    Have fun!

    (oh, and I can't ever get people to come to my parties either.)

  5. I just stop by to show you my sad Tiger striped face children and the tears in our kool aid.


    There is crying. And head shaking.

  6. I hope Bella loves her party! My kids get so excited about their parties -- who is going to come and what a great time they will have with the activities we've planned -- that it just kills me when we can't manage a good turn-out. Sometimes we have called the parents to remind them about our parties (and try a little arm twisting, in case they are undecided) -- pride completely goes out the window at times like these!
    It really sounds like you have a fun event! As long as you have a few good friends show up, and no one falls hard off the pony, it should be wonderful. I hope you have a friend (as well as Alex) to help set up refreshments, handle trash, and all the other party labors.

  7. I don't know what to tell you, my mom is able to get them to turn out for my niece's parties, but then when it is at her house everyone gets to ride, so horses have a lot of pull.

    I am looking for pictures.