Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pony Party Perfect, Parents Plotzed

Well, thanks to the massive help from our parents and the lovely pony-grooming-and-wrangling Michelle (who also is responsible anytime the Ninja Poodles look fantastic, by the way--when they're shaved nekkid, that's ALL ME), pictured here over her objections,
getting ready to start the first ride. She was wonderful in doing the bulk of the pony-wrangling for the day, besides helping me prep the pony. I DID start without her that morning, though, and as you can see, Magic was already WAY enthused:The special hoof polish didn't get here in time, due to a shipping error, but we made do by dabbing body glitter onto the hooves, for that "twinkle-toes" effect. It worked out pretty well, especially in combination with the purple polo wraps.I was able to perform a passable running-braid on that thick pony mane, beribbon her tail, and by the time Michelle arrived, we slapped on some stencils and got hearts and stars applied appropriately. It was tough working with shaggy winter Shetland hair, but we did our best, and soon had an appropriately proudly purple pony on our hands, just awaiting young riders.Which she soon had, sometimes napping through a good portion of the ordeal.We had to, at one point, tear Bella away from whompin' up a big batch of Granny Clampett's stump-water wart cure,and then from seeking fresh water with her divining rod, as we are wont to do down here in Arkansas.We reminded her that her friend Cherokee was there,and got 'em successfully cowgirled up.All in all, that sweet little pony was ridden by six kids of varying sizes, and one adult: My grandmother. Who is small. Now, as much as THIS made my day, what came afterward was the icing on the cake, and that would be when my husband just lifted my proper little grandmother off that pony like a sack o' 'taters.Hee. Anyway, after a job well-done, Magic was pretty much over the whole pony-party thing, as you can see here:Does that look say it all, or what? So, we liberated the dear sweet pony back into the pasture, naked but still adorned,and retired to the house for cake and merrymaking. Think that princess cake has any artificial dyes in it? NAHHHHHH.After all was said and done, while Mommy was knackered, it was a successful day all 'round, thanks to all the help I had, and certainly fun was had by all...and we definitely have memories to last a lifetime.Not bad for the brave little pony that survived West Nile Virus TWICE in the last month, huh? She's The Little Black Pony That Could, that's for sure, and we love her. There are more purple pony pictures, a ridiculous number, actually, up at flickr. If you'd care to have a look, they begin here.


  1. How cute - just like a My Little Pony!

    Glad all went well!

  2. I want a purple pony party!!!! I want I want I want!!!!

    Heh. Sorry about that, the little girly girl in me just couldn't take all of that purple and glitter and ribbons and Oh! that pink frosting...

    It looks like Bella had a great day!! Nice job Momma! I am sure she will always remember it :)

  3. Awwww! Good party, mama! Magic is adorable. And Bella looks thrilled.

  4. That is so cool! I'm so jealous! I think I went to McDonald's for my fourth birthday!

  5. I am STUNNED at the fact that you can make a pony all purple and magical and glittery like that.

    And to think we've been having army parties all these years. We have REALLY been missing out!

  6. I FREAKING, LOVE the toes! That says glamour all over it! Way to improvize too, by the way!!

  7. This made me so happy. Sweet memories to last a lifetime.

    That's the best little pony in the world and definitely the best little girl.

  8. The story of this party will get around, and next year's will be huge, I'm warning you.

  9. I loved the pony and Bella was just cute and adorable and happy and I ran out of things. I'm glad it all turned out well and everyone had fun. Sometimes smaller is better.

  10. Belinda~~ Beautiful memories for that little girl to keep for a lifetime!

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