Friday, October 06, 2006

I Want My Mom To Live With Me Forever

And it's not just because this happens every time I get out of bed for more than five minutes:Look--I love my husband, I love my life, and my little "pod" gives me more than any person likely deserves. But add my mommy into the mix? That, my friends, is as close to perfection as I can get, quality-of-life-wise, short of bringing back my Dad, too. Is there anything in the world that comforts you more when you're hurt, sick, sad, or confused than your mother?

Alex takes good care of me emotionally, and he provides for my needs, and has pretty much been at my beck and call since I got home from the hospital. But let's face it: He ain't puttin' fresh linens on my bed daily and charting my meds (although, now that I think about it, that's exactly the sort of thing he LIKES to do; she just beat him to the idea) and making SURE I consume a at least a modicum of fresh fruits and vegetables to fuel my convalescence, even going so far as to taking into account which foods might cause uncomfortable gas. That's strictly mom territory.

The amount of stress that this ordeal has put on my whole family, including in-laws, has been harsh. Especially for Alex, who was simultaneously trying to cope with a bunch of other huge issues, it was hard. Without the help of my mother and his, I really don't know how we'd have made it. I honestly cannot imagine. I am so thankful that my mom is the tough, resourceful, smart, amazing woman that she is, because not only is she willing to step in, stay with me while Alex is at work, and look after our whole family 24/7 through the worst of my recovery, she has made a life for herself, as a hard-working, successful business-owner, so that she is able to say, "Hey, I'm off to take care of my baby girl (yeah, you still get to be that, even when you're almost 40). Handle things here." And it's the income from that business that gives her the "luxury" (because, yes, tending to MY insane self all day and night--definitely a luxury) to make decisions like this. I appreciate her for it, and once again marvel at all she's accomplished in her life. I hope to do half as well--honestly--half would be a huge accomplishment, and I'd better step things up if I hope to pull it off, myself.

Oh, and just then? There it went again:
Anyway, here's how I see it working. So Mom stays with me, along with my sister, please, for the rest of our natural lives. And naturally, MY daughter never leaves ME, either. I'm imagining some sort of large family compound, which would include extended family: my grandmother, aunts and uncles and cousins, neices, nephews, in-laws, the whole deal.

What--like there's a problem with that idea? If you're lucky enough to have one, go hug your mom. And your kid(s), while you're at it. Many long happy days to us all.


  1. You know, even though I have evil Esther as a mom, there is no one else I'd rather have around me when I am sick. She dotes on me, cares for me, takes every ounce of stress away from me.

    Until I recuperate...

    then I have to suck down gallons of Jewish guilt about how old she is...and how I have just sucked up three whole days of her life catering to me.

    But those three days are SO worth it. Is anything better than fresh linens in your sick bed?

    I think not.


  2. Wow -- someone else with the greatest mom in the world!!! Aren't we lucky?
    Glad you are getting fresh linens, good food, and lots of love! Looks like Bella is pretty happy to have you home.

  3. OMG, instead of crying "I want my mommy" now I am crying, "I want Belinda's Mommy!".

    She rocks!

  4. My mom is the best when you are not feeling well. I am glad that your mother is helping Alex and that you are all doing better.

  5. Does she set out the mints on your pillow too? What a mom!

  6. I can see that. Kind of like the Kennedy Compound, but with better morals and no Boston accents...

  7. hey there little girl,
    Your Mom is all that you stated and more to the many who know her. We should all strive to live up to her standards.
    I'm still praying for you as you heal.
    Mr. Dan

  8. I'm lucky enough that my mom IS living with me at the moment and it sure it nice. Should I accept the fact that she does all the laundry, cooking, and sewing for the moment or can I suggest that she please put fresh linens on my bed every other day? Too much? Best I leave that alone.

    I do hug and kiss her every day. Damn good hug yesterday if I recall, too.

    Wish I could give you one right now. We both really need it.

  9. Yep, you do indeed have an awesome mommy!!

  10. You could live to be 300 years old but when you're sick, you really need your mommy there.

  11. Belinda~~~ Geesh, you just took the wind right outta my sails for complaining that I WANT TO LIVE ALONE and not with my Mom. Seriously, my Mom is the epitome of the professional nurse-wannabe if anyone is sick in our house, although she does have this one annoying habit of waking people up to see if they're OK. Come to think of it, can we trade Moms? I think yours probably has a sweeter accent!

  12. Love the picture of Bella - she looks so happy!

    I spent today shopping and going to art galleries with my Mom, and I really enjoyed it. Your Mom sounds amazing!

  13. Awww. Your mom rocks. I am glad you are recovering comfortably. :)

  14. Hi Belinda, I just wanted to say I'm so glad you're home from the hospital and getting such excellent treatment at home. That bed looks really comfy.

  15. That bed is missing something...why aren't you in it.

    You FLOOR ME. You're recovering from surgery, and you are appreciating your mom. What a woman you are, and what a woman she is for raising such a loving and wonderful daughter.

    Sorry I haven't been around much - I'm sick. :(

    You should be receiving something from me to you very soon. :)

    Take good care, love.

  16. Mommys are the best when their kids (at whatever age) are sick!

  17. I lost my mom when I was 25, before my daughter was even born. You have no idea how blessed you are to HAVE your mom. I'd give almost anything to feel my mother's loving touch again.

    And wow, your mom makes the bed up quite professionally! Did she train at Hyatt?