Friday, October 27, 2006

I REALLY Wish My Dad Was Here

For St. Louis winning. the World. Series. In five games. AT HOME. He'd have been there, somehow, I have no doubt. I would love to have been there with him. He lived for his Cards during baseball season, and dangit, it's been 25 YEARS.

I love them. I love every single Cardinal. Even the ones with the stupid soul patches and the ones in dire need of haircuts (I'm looking at you, Weaver). I love them all, with an especial fondness for that catcher of all catchers, Yavier Molina. I love that oak tree called Albert Pujols--I love that when he got hit square in the thigh with a fastball, he barely flinched. We figure he'll feel it sometime next week, maybe over cornflakes, and possibly say, "Ow." I love the trouper in Rolen and the toughness and heart in Eckstein. I am in awe of the talent of Anthony Reyes, and hope it takes him somewhere. I whooped and hollered and probably awoke my small child with my antics during that final inning. I teared up at the shots of the players holding their small children--they're such a YOUNG team, so many of them recently out of the minors, and they all seemed to have tiny children, and did you SEE that little-bitty Taguchi? Great jumping cats, those were some adorable kids. And I LOVED Edmonds' comment, when asked if the Series was a challenge for manager LaRussa, "What, with this bunch of idiots?" referring to his own team.

HOWEVER: I did not need to be shown sad Tigers on T.V. (I really hate that part of team sports, the losing part, no matter who's doing it), so I was glad they didn't do that typical thing of dwelling on the sad faces of small children...faces painted with Tiger stripes. I can't stand it. It was bad enough just seeing the glimpses of the defeated Detroiters. I'm not cut out for it, and Alex used to ask me EVERY year, "Why do you even WATCH the World Series?" But I think he's getting it now. For every winner, there has to be a loser, and that sadness just KILLS me. I actually winced and said "Awwww!" at most of the horrific errors on the part of the opposing team, especially after the rain started. Rolens somersaulting over Inge and going on to score was particularly painful for Tiger fans, I know. It was the same during the playoffs with the Mets, when I had a grudging but FIRM respect for the awesome talent that is Tom Glavine. Wow. Glad to beat 'em, but boy, they earned my respect.

So, while I don't glory in defeating the other team, I do rejoice, and think fondly of my Dad, over the St. Louis victory. Go Cardinals. Such a young team, such promise. May you just grow stronger over the next few years, and may we not lose you, one by one, to teams with deeper pockets (I'm looking at you, Yankees. So help me, if Pujols turns up in Yankee pinstripes now, there will be trouble. Of some kind. Kelly and I will figure it out).


  1. This could have been my exact post in 2004, when the Red Sox won the series for the first time since 1919, the year before my father was born. He lived his entire life without ever seeing his blessed Sox win, and when we went to the parade, I sobbed along with so many others, because it was so poignant.

    I'm glad you're feeling the rush of being a fan of the winning team. It's totally awesome. But the pinstripes, they have endless pockets and they sucked Johnny Damon, known now as Johnny Demon, up from the Red Sox. So many of the 2004 players are long gone... to the Dodgers, Mets, etc. It almost hurts, but then you have to remind yourself that to the players, this is a job, not a game, and they go where the money is. Unfortuantely, the money is, as it always has been, in NY.

    Congrats, St. Louis.

  2. We had the how-long-til-Pujols-is-a-Yankee conversation Saturday morning too. I'd like to believe the non-stop love he's gotten from St. Louis fans since his first rookie home run will mean more to him than a few more million dollars (how much money does one person really need, anyway?). Not to mention that no one who's left their "home" teams to become Yankees have done ANYTHING worth talking about once they got there...

    But Friday night was for screaming and hollering and general ass-making-of-selves-in-public. I refused to believe there was any way they were going to win, and I'm firmly convinced that's why they actually did, because every year I let myself hope, they choke (I also have a very good friend who still blames me for ruining Rick Ankiel's pitching career -- gotta love that baseball-fan superstition).

  3. I am not a baseball person, but am glad that your team won. There was much chearing here as it was the favored team.

    It is hard to watch/participate in something that a loved one enjoyed and you enjoyed it with them.