Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home From Surgery!

Hello all!! Alex here, again, but this time with the best news so far: Belinda is HOME!
I brought her home yesterday about 2:00pm. My Mom had stayed over the last couple of nights and between her and I we had the place in spotless condition for my sweetheart's homecoming. New, fresh sheets, new mattress pad, lots of flowers to make the house look and smell beautiful. In the weeks previously, Belinda's mother had come over to help arrange our disorganized cabinets. So, all in all, so when Belinda got home yesterday, all was in order.

She is still in pain from the surgery. No one heals that fast. But, she is moving around very well and pretty comfortably.

So, physically, as far as recovery from the surgery is going I would say she is doing very well. Even this pain from the surgery is nothing compared to what she was experiencing before. And this will soon pass.

The only sad spot we had yesterday upon arriving home we saw Isabella's pony down in the pasture. After I got Belinda all set inside. I went out to check the pony and sure enough, worst case scenario, she was exhibiting West Nile symptoms again. So, another emergency call to the vet. Another few days of rounds of meds for this poor little horse. I just don't want to lose this horse for Isabella's and Belinda's sake. But, she does seem to be doing better. Better than yesterday that is, and that is always a good sign. She is a tough little girl.

Back to Belinda, as early as last night she began the enevitable hot flashes. I cannot relate and from what I can tell I would not want to. She is having hot flashes and severe panic attacks. Now, what do we do? She seems sooo miserable. Intensely so. She is doubting whether she should have had the surgery at all. God bless her. And she is supposed to be on estrogen starvation for at least 6 months to kill the remainder of any endometriosis.

So, from what her mother has told me today, (I am at work) Belinda is on the phone with the doctor weighing her options about well, EVERYTHING. The outcome I can only guess.

So, again, all you friends out there. Thank you for getting her through the surgery alive and well. Your prayers worked. But, now we face a different challenge. And an uphill one at that. I have no idea where this one will lead us.

Please lend my dear Belinda your prayers again.

Thank you.

God Bless.

Mr. Ninjapoodle / Alex / Hogsnorts


  1. An Amazing blog. I like it.


  2. I'm glad that Belinda is home and able to rest in her own bed. I'm sorry to hear about the hot flashes, my mom has been going through those for several years now and the;y drive her crazy. Are the anxiety attacks from the surgery?

    Oh no, not a relapse for the pony, that is not good. I'm glad that she is showing improvement, does the vet think that his is normal? I am not familiar with the relaspe of WNV.

    I hope thing just get better and I am glad that Belinda is not in the pain that she was in.

  3. (HUGS). I was worried about her.

    This site might help her out just from what I see about it

  4. Thanks for the update, Alex! You're a darling to think of all of us loyal Ninja Poodle readers while all of this is happening.

    I'm so glad that Belinda made it home and that the surgery seems to have gone well - home is always better than a hospital bed, isn't it? The panic attacks sound miserable. I hope they ease soon. We're thinking about you all up here, and we'll keep praying for you!