Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Non-Contextual But ACTUAL Snippet of Our Marital Conversation

"So, THAT is the only advantage of having ME here instead of, say, a tree-stump: That you don't have to get UP?!?"

(I'm actually fighting the temptation to provide context on this one, because it sounds raunchy, and it wasn't. I will say that this point of contention arose from a re-re-re-re-re-viewing of "The Sixth Sense," during which I, in my hormonally-unstable state, sobbed disconsolately at the thought of losing my own dear husband, while he, in turn, was apparently mentally planning placement of speaker components, or something.)


  1. Hey, you guys crack me up!

    But, um.. where's the "Find this" in your blog thing..? I'm searching for your fridge dare, can you send me the link?

  2. Forget the context, tell me the REALLY important detail...

    Alex, dude, where are you putting your speakers?

    Oh, and congrats on your team winning, Belinda. *grin*

  3. I was wondering if everyone suddenly stopped loving me. I know I had trouble posting last night. I hope it works again now!

    Oh, and CL? Alex says, "Wouldn't SHE like to know." Seriously, he climbed up in the attic and sawed holes in my ceiling, but the results are awesome, with no visible holes and perfectly recessed speakers. My only complaint is that if I'm in another room, the sub-woofer always makes me think it's storming outside.

  4. You two have the oddest conversations. Even in just one liners