Sunday, October 29, 2006

And Yet Another One

Setting: Lying in bed, balancing the laptop and the iPod, on its speaker, between us. We're listening to Josh Groban singing "Mi Mancherai," and both reading along with the lyrics in Italian, and then studying the English translation below that, because Bella decided that she "really really likes that song," and wanted to know "what is he singing about?" and we just plain didn't have the answer. ANYWAY. My sweet husband tends to get emotionally involved in good music, as do I, and the song was new to him. I was staring intently at his face as he listened, because his expression...well, let's just say I love him and enjoy watching him enjoy things. And then I saw it, and totally broke the mood.

Me: "You have a hair just sticking straight out of your nose. Your right nostril."

Alex: (cocks one eyebrow, glancing at me, half-smirking, saying nothing)

Me: "It's just...right there." (pointing)

Alex: (looking straight at me now, and FULLY smirking)

Me: "And you are now thinking to yourself, 'Why don't you just reach up there and yank it out?' aren't you? Like, just using my bare fingers!"

Alex: "Yep." (laughing)

Me: "No way. You'd have to at least gimme some tweezers."

Alex: "Why?" (breaks into singing, to a snippet of the tune of the theme song from the old T.V. show "Green Acres") "YOU ARE MY WIFE!" (switches to terrible falsetto and worse Gabor accent) "Goodbye, non-picking life!"

Seriously. This is my actual, real life. The romance is non-stop.

Oh, and also noted in Bella's music-appreciation file today? The previously TiVo'd performance of Beck on SNL last night, of that "Golden Age/Clap Hands" number, with the band playing water-glasses and percussive accompaniment while seated at a dinner table. She made me play it over and over again, until I finally said "no more." I am seriously loving this child's taste in music. From Gustav Holst to Josh Groban to Beck, just in the last week or so. The kid's got a real ear. This is what it is, to have children, isn't it? To revel in those little glimpses you get of yourself, in them? Whatever it is, it's absolutely amazing, and I adore it, and it's flying by at the speed of light.

(ALSO: I've had an email or two about being unable to comment here--is that happening to anyone else? Or does nobody love me any more? If you have the answer to either of these questions, email me. ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom. Thanks)


  1. Ewww!

    How did the purple pony party go??

  2. Long nose hair. Tasty. #17 on my top 100 reasons NEVER to get married. Thanks B! I'm not feeling so crappy about being single all of the sudden.

    BTW, how was the big bash? Sparkly we hope!

  3. Long nose hair. Tasty. #17 on my top 100 reasons NEVER to get married. Thanks B! I'm not feeling so crappy about being single all of the sudden.

    BTW, how was the big bash? Sparkly we hope!

  4. I am still laughing, too funny. I love kids that have a well rounded love of music. My nieces get theirs from their mom and me. I love so many different styles and kinds. I do have to say that Josh Groban is great, but I didn't bring my music here and am missing it. Not much music in Peru.

  5. How come women get stuck doing all the gross grooming on their men? I feel like a baboon some days!

  6. I wanna hear about the purple pony party! NOT nose hairs!!!!

  7. Just for the record, I didn't pluck it. I will not pluck it in my house, I will not pluck it with a mouse.

    Pony pics being organized and uploaded as we speak, including shots of my grandmother ON the pony, which are priceless.

  8. I think I'd rather pluck it then look at the damn thing. But then again, I'm I don't have to do either. And as Avalon said, there's something to be said for that.

    I've had no problems commenting, Lady.

  9. Aren't man-hairs the grossest things in the world? I tick Ian off all the time by pointing out that he needs to pull ____ hair from ____ spot.

    Can't wait for the Purple Pony Party Pictures!

    Oh, and yes, we love you. Lots!!!

  10. Okay, this is really sad:

    I've actually plucked those hairs from my husband's nose! Yeah, I know--it's gross! But that's just how devoted I am, I guess . . . Or else, crazy!


  11. Alex was probably just thinking it was romantic that you noticed.

    It would have been even better if he'd said that he'd grown it out just for you.

  12. Oh, Dan, you foolish romantic, you.


  13. I have been there/done that with my husband's various and sundry errant body hairs, and basically all I can say is, welcome to the "After the Honeymoon" phase of marriage! 18 years now and it just keeps getting better, eh?

    And one more note on the pony party pics, I SINCERELY hope that you have cropped and edited OUT of those pictures, that certain person who was "wrangling" the pony! I just got my own pics back and I can say that you'd be doing your readership a GREAT service by doing so!


  14. HA! I think you'll be pleased, "Anonymous." I do have one of you, very cute.