Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things Are Happening

"Larry the Cable Guy" is performing here in October. I wonder, should I take my camping gear and go start standing in line now, to beat the crowds? I mean, I know it's just a week after my operation, but it's Larry. Apparently alone. Just...him. For money. NO, no, wait, don't misunderstand--they want YOU to pay money to HIM for the privelege of hearing/seeing his "comedy." Hey--HEY: I wonder if he'll say that hilarious thing he says, that "Git-R-Done!"? Ya think? Will he? Oh, I bet he'll keep us in suspense for most of the show wondering if we'll get to hear that brilliant bit of catch-phrasing. Because Larry, he's the thinking person's comic.

I will be posting about this and other weighty topics in upcoming weeks over at my new digs under the virtual masthead of the Arkansas Times. Please do stop by and visit, and give a commentalicious shout-out, wouldja? Come on, show the love--especially you Canadians: Give the folks who watch the stat-counters something to wonder aboot!

And in BREAKING news, here at the home front, the long-extolled REDESIGN IS HAPPENING! Really, it is! Redesign! By Karen! Any DAY now! Don't miss it! No more white-on-black posts that apparently hurt your eyes because all of my readers are one hundred and nine years old! No more sidebar clutter! No more 10-mile-long blogroll! MORE NINJA POODLES! So please come back. I love you.

Also? My husband cooked a wholesome, from-scratch dinner for the family for, like, the fourth night in a row or something, WITHOUT BEING ASKED. If anyone out there has any information about me having a terminal disease that I don't know about, or about me unknowingly going blind, etc., please drop a dime to me, 'k? Otherwise I may start going all Bette Davis in "Dark Victory." Seriously--he's being SO nice that I'm starting to think that despite all his talk of my "nonsense" theories of impending surgical disaster, Alex is ALSO afraid that they're about to kill me under the knife, so he's trying to be all sweet and sugary so that when I don't make it out alive, he won't have it on his conscience that the last thing he said to me was, "I'll do it IN A LITTLE WHILE!"


  1. I suffer through the pain of reading the white on black for you. Only you. ANd yes, it does hurt. But for you...I suffer.

    ...oh, and that Darn Larry guy is EVERYWHERE In my house, as we have 30 Maters from the Cars movie. His voice haunts me.

  2. ...I also must reveal he's my ringtone.

    The things I do to amuse my son.

  3. I had never heard of Larry the Cable Guy until the movie Cars - he must be a non urban/suburban speciality.

    Congrats on the Arkanas Times gig - do you know if it has an RSS feed so I can watch it from Live Journal?

    Oh and please e-mail me, I am not sure of your e-mail address these days.

  4. I have heard of Larry the Cable Guy, but have never heard him. My brother and sister listen to him sometimes.

    I enjoyed the article. Is it a one time gig or permanent?

  5. I'm looking forward to see what Karen designs for you. I have not had a problem reading your blog, but then I still have young eyes:o)

    I like Karen's work and how she matches her designs to the person.

  6. No comic gets famous any more without a catch phrase.

    Which is a shame. Goes to show you that unless it's marketable, it isn't good in this culture.

  7. Seriously? He cooks? Without being asked? And it's not take out pizza?

    Can you clone him?

  8. Wow...wheels certainly ARE in motion...

    You had me worried there for a second about Larry LOL

  9. White type on black background is one of those basic design no-nos. I was surprised it was offered as a template.

    I have confess....along with the other icons I have seen live in concert (Billy Joel, Elton John, Bette Midler, Eric Clapton...and Ray Charles), I actually spent good money to see Jeff "You Might be a Redneck" Foxworthy.

    Was a fun evening...except for the REAL LIVE REDNECK sitting in front of me wearing the cowboy hat who WOULD NOT remove it.

  10. What, am I the only one who actually watches the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when it comes on Comedy Central? *tsk*

    Okay, okay...so I don't watch ALL of it (it does get a little redundant), but I do enjoy a bit of redneck humor from time to time. I'm pretty sure it hasn't killed any of my brain cells (any more so then my every day life does) and the Library Mafia hasn't appeared on my doorstep to revoke my library card, so I suspect it hasn't done any irreparable harm to me. Yet.

    Congrats on the redesign; I've been pondering doing the same so I'll be interested to hear what you think of the process. Personally, white text on black doesn't bother me as much as, say, gratuitous blinkies.

  11. Let me clarify: I am NOT a "redneck comedy" snob, per se. The original "Redneck Comedy Tour?" LOVED IT, MINUS LARRY. Here's what was great about the RCT:

    1. RON WHITE's debut appearance in the national spotlight. Did ANYONE not howl at the payoff of the "Tater Salad" story? And lines such as, "I didn't know how many of 'em it was gonna take to throw me out, but I knew how many they was gonna USE." Or: "I know I will; I've seen me do it."? His delivery, right down to the Scotch and cigarette, were just hilarious.

    2. Bill Engvall proved he still has some great comedy chops, when he is NOT doing his "Here's Your Sign" schtick, which, unfortunately, seemed to be what the crowd wanted.

    3. Jeff Foxworthy can still come up with original stuff, and can still make me laugh--when he is NOT doing his "You Know You're A Redneck If..." schtick.

    4. Larry The Cable Guy, during the performances of the other three, when he was NOT ON STAGE.

    And Alex is cooking AGAIN TONIGHT. I'm definitely dying.

  12. Hey Honey,
    Just had to comment on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. The first BCCT was funny. Especially my personal introduction to the comedy of Ron White. Oh, my God. If anyone hasn't seen that or at least heard him, you are definitely missing out. And if you don't think it funny, point your nose from the sky and get real. It is not a southern, or non-urban thing. I would agree that is a class thing. Anyone that doesn't like something because they believe it beneath them, I think has problems. I would much rather be the person who can appreciate intellectual banter or witty reparte, AND any form of humor that makes us laugh at ourselves. Because, if we can't laugh at ourselves (yourself), you are probabably literally laughing AT someome. You are missing out on so much of a very healthy, well rounded part of life.

    As for the white lettering on black background. Maybe not be the optimum background, but I see that you, sweetheart have built up quite a following with this "unseemly" blog appearance. If you don't like how it looks, change the channel.

    Love you.

  13. As Erin said, I still continue to read your blog, despite the white text on black background. Content rules and yours is primo.