Saturday, September 30, 2006

Post Surgery - Day Two!

Hello all! Alex here again with a report on our beloved Belinda. We are in a cozy room now equipped with a fiery little internet connection (Yay!) and though she is still in a lot of pain she has come miles from where she was yesterday. (Yay again!)

Belinda is in good spirits. We have had lots of visitors and many beautiful flowers, (thanks JenB, we both love you, you hoser.)

We just slipped her out of one of those awful hospital gowns and into one of her own comfy ones bought specifically for this surgery and degree of comfiness.

Now, as some of you out there may already know, after this kind of surgery, and any surgery really, you have to get good bowel sounds to begin regular fluids and then solid foods. Alas, Belinda's bowels, according to her doc's latest visit (36+ hours after the surgery), have yet to begin to perform correctly. Thus, she has ingested nothing since Thursday lunch. Now, as of 3 pm has she been given the green light on ice chips and regular water. Whoo-hoo!

There will be a check on bowel sounds again tomorrow to further evaluate. When bowel sounds are finally heard (now here is where I may start to get into trouble with the Mrs.) either with the stethoscope or the naked ear, you know, a fart, then maybe, maybe she will be able to start solid foods and THEN only after regular, ya know, movements, can she go home.

This puts us in a waiting game with the old colon. Folks, haven't we all battled this devious organ in one way or another? It works too furiously or not at all. But I digress. Back to our standoff, I have been walking with Belinda every 2 hours to try to get everything jump started. She has been very brave in her walking. Though painful, she has been diligent. She increases distances each time though I know it must be very painful. But, it is the only way to get home. So, by God, she is going to do it. That's my GIRL! Gotta love her!

Sorry there is not much more for me to add except to say that Belinda will be posting herself later on this evening or maybe tomorrow. I am sure she will have much to say and be able to do it in a way much more elegantly and descriptive than I can.

Again, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Truly, she knows there are people all around the world thinking of her and it really does mean a lot to her.

I'd like to give a special thanks to you all from me for all those well-wishes and prayers. For I love this woman more than anything on Earth and I don't know what I would do without her.

Thank you all, again.

Mr. Ninjapoodle / Alex / Hogsnorts


  1. I am SO glad to hear she is doing better! She looks all adorable-cozy-tured in that picture wearing that "it's finally over with" glow.

    All doctors give the "we refuse to give you any food until your bowels start doing something, which we as doctors know won't happen until you have something in you to cause bowel things to happen" talk.

    I say a little sneaking of some watered down juice (prune is great, but any juice will work) aught to do the job to make them happy and give her body something to work with as well. Can't exactly heal a major abdominal wound with no fuel, ya know?

    Happy recovery!

  2. oops "tured" was supposed to be "tired". *blush*

  3. Oh my good Lord, Mr. Ninjapoodles is a keeper. Get well soon. Here's praying for gas!

  4. Where the Hell have I been that I didn't even know she HAD the surgery! Crap. Well, good to know she's feeling a little better and up and walking around.

    I too will pray for farts. Sorry Belinda, I have to do it, even though I know that it will lead to "my wife farts soooo loud" jokes later.


  5. Mark and I are chanting FART FART FART at home as we speak. I feel so relieved you are up and about I am crying. Again.

    and Alex, you are indeed a keeper, much love to you.


  6. We're doing the fart chant here in Boston, too. I am so thankful that there are photos illustrating Alex's description, because even though we love him and yes, he's a definate keeper, I need to SEE that Belinda is OK, and now up and around. What a trooper!

    We love you guys!

  7. You go girl!!!! You will be home doing agility in no time.

    I took all of my Poodle PJs and poodle socks to the hospital for my big H. I looked very spiffy for company. That, in addition to the Boy Genius's *BIG DISCOVERY* had the nurses hanging out in my room in their off time.

    When you think you can laugh, go look at my blog and see what someone left behind in my hospital room.

  8. Holy hogsnorts you look good for a woman who's just been through such an ordeal.

  9. Aww, she looks so cute! Glad she's ok! I guess there was no colon nicking!

  10. This is indeed welcome news! And even illustrated, woo hoo!!! Belinda looks wonderful, despite what she's been through.

    A big hallelujah!!!

  11. This is TOO COOL. I have women all over the country saying "Fart"

    No, I am not a 12 year old boy.

  12. Good wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. I'm so glad to read (and see!) that Belinda's alright.

    Hooray for farting! And ice chips. Both are good things, after surgery.

  14. That first picture is too cute!

    Ya know, we all saw pictures of Belinda cleaning out her nasal passages that one day...that was much more disturbing than knowing we're waiting for her to fart. I think she'll get over you telling us. LOL

  15. CeCe sent me- get well soon from Oz

  16. Yay Belinda! Thank you Alex for keeping us updated...

    After you are allowed to eat order EVERYTHING you can that is bran/prune related. I too have been through the "can't leave until you are regular" speech. Prune juice, raisin bran and bran muffin please!!!

    Take care Belinda. (((you))) (gently)

    Ps~ You just have the cutest wittle face....

  17. Belinda~~~~ only because it's you.....I will share a very special family ditty developed for a similar occasion. My cousin had a baby who had some GI issues when she was a newborn.The only way to relieve her pain was if she farted, so we would all gather as a happy and supportive and demented group and chant "fart it out, fart it out, waaaaaaaaaaaay out. You can fart it, you can toot it, you can blow it out!" So gather up your Mom, Sister, Bella, Alex, Grayson, maybe the Poodles and see if it works. Good luck!

  18. Belinda, you look good. Best wishes on the farting:o) I remember helping my mom walk around the hospital after she had heer gallbladder out to get the air out of her. Lots of pain and not fun. Hope they let you go home soon.

  19. She looks so beautiful-post surgery and everything! What a trooper.

    Its true about the walking. Good for hurts like hell, but well worth it in the end.

    Hang in there kids.

  20. Oh, good. We're talking about farts here.

    I, unlike Alex, am a 12 year old boy. At least in my sense of humor. It's rather pathetic. But "Fart Chanting" sounds like it can be an Olympic event. JenB is out in the lead, I believe.

    Belinda looks mahvelous and I'm so glad to hear all is going well. I shall be calling sometime in the near future to get my Sweet Little Belinda Accent Fix.

  21. Thanks Alex :)

    Great work Belinda- get those bowels going!

    Love to you all!


  22. Hiya Alex! I'm glad that Belinda is feeling a little better, I'm thrilled to see photo evidence of that fact, and yes, you are indeed a keeper, a veritable Saint Among Men even. But...if I ever have surgery and you're around and you put a camera in my face on day two, I'm taking you out, backless gown or no. Which is surely even more evidence that Belinda is a much better person than I am.

    I, too, had heard that Mocha was a 12 year old boy. ;-)

    Belinda, hon, I'll be doing the Carolina version of the Fart Chant:

    "Hark the sound of Tar Heel Faaaarts,
    Ringing clear and true...."

    'Scuse me, gotta go get the phone. No doubt it's UNC demanding I turn in my degree for defamation of our alma mater. *grin*

  23. Yay!!! I'm so glad to know that the surgery went well and Belinda just needs to pass a little gas before she will be free to start eating real food & be released home to be properly coddled by her loving family in her spotlessly clean house! Love Avalon's chant. We've been praying for a good outcome here, and will keep on praying for a quick recovery.

  24. We hope all goes well and soon so you can be home with your family. Goodness knows we are all more comfortable in our own beds and surroundings. I have never said a prayer for bowel sounds before but I am sure God has heard many different sorts of prayers. Might give the big fella something to laugh about today. Hope he takes great care in getting you home soon.

    Book Post "Pageant Mom"

  25. Hi Alex. I'm so happy to see pictures of Belinda on the road to recovery and a pain-free life! My thoughts are prayers are with you both

  26. I read you and your husband's blog and I really wish you all the best. Seems like you love each other immensely.


  27. LOL Alex, I am reading this & wondering if Belinda strangled you for writing about her bowel movements! Obviously not, you're still here with us. ;)

    You're definately a keeper.

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