Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh, Yeah...

I've had several people ask if my new blog over at the Arkansas Times site has an RSS feed so that you can add it to Bloglines or Feedburner or whatever...well, I am happy to report, YES! Yes it does!

You can add Ninja Poodles Local to your blogroll or feedreader by one of two methods:

Just past the blog's URL into your reader's "add" prompt:

Or add the atom/xml feed URL:

So, YEAH, show me some linky love! (In return, I am hoping, with my redesign, to have my own ginormous blogroll broken down into categories and loaded into drop-down menus for ease of navigation--fingers crossed, and kissing Karen's hiney!)


  1. Thanks - added it :)

  2. I tried adding it, but all I got were posts by other writers. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Ami...I don't know? What reader are you using? If you're doing one of those "drag and drop" things, try just entering the URL of the blogsite into the "add" field instead? That's how I got it on my bloglines feedreader.