Friday, September 08, 2006

If You Love Me, Go Somewhere Else

The promised pointless railing for today is over at NPL. Go, see, comment. Pretty-please.

Deep ponderings to follow here next. Hey, I followed through on the last promise, didn't I?

Pony Update: Magic is just as right as rain again. It's unreal--you'd never know she was sick. Thank you, God!

Home-Selling Update: We got some news of a complication that is Not Good. Pray, hope, and cross your fingers for a resolution to present itself in the next three days.


  1. I commented as requested. Not my area of expertise.

    Glad that Magic is doing better, hope it stays that way.

    Hoping all goes well with the house and the problems are straightened out for a quick sale.

  2. You're not adandoning this blog in favor of Ark Times are you???

  3. Kim, thanks, and Melissa, NO!

    I have a post planned for later today (that won't probably get read by most people until Monday--you know how blog-traffic is), that I've been working on for days, in an attempt to figure out how to say what I want to say without getting flaming comments or hate-mail. Stay tuned to see if I succeed!