Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Dare You

*note: This post was originally intended for Monday, but then the glorious redesign (Have I mentioned how happy I am with this thing? LOVE. IT.) happened, and rightfully the rest of the world came to a screeching halt. So's my dare, inspired by the face that I am a voyeur at heart, and the more "mundane" the snooping (as I first learned from my joy in viewing the items on JenB's Vegas hotel-room bedside table), the better:

Got TiVo? Or any other DVR? Go, right now, pull up your "Now Playing" screen, and snap a photo of whatever is at the very top. No cheating, just whatever is the top page of your recorded (or currently recording) shows. Come on, show your shame. I did--"WIFE SWAP," people!!

Post the result on your site, and leave a link in the comments here, OR send it to me in an email, at If we get a decent number of responses, I've started a flickr group (where you can either add your dares yourself, or, if you don't have a flickr account, send them to me and I'll add them), and perhaps the "dare" will become a regular feature, and maybe eventually evolve beyond the "show and tell" phase. So, to kick off, here are my very highbrow and intellectual viewing options as of Monday.Yeah, that's right. You got a problem with "Wife Swap" (OH MY GOSH THAT INSANE PIRATE FAMILY VERSUS COMPULSIVE LABELING ORGANIZER FAMILY SWAP!!!) or "Angel?" And for some reason, we just keep waiting for Steven Rappaport to be funny. Apparently, something about the confines of "The War at Home" stifles him. And that's season five ("Day 5") of "24" because Alex missed it the first time around, and it was the BEST EVER. But don't think I'm blaming Alex for any of these choices, because I am fully accountable for this selection of saved shows.

HOWEVER. I went out to the big-screen in the living room to check "his" TV and the TiVo menu there, and at first I was disappointed, because other than football games, he hasn't been recording out there. (Bless his little heart, he likes being with his wife, so if I'm wadded up in bed watching TV, which I have been for the last, oh, SIX MONTHS, he's right here with me. Isn't that sweet? Except for football days, on which he is banished to the living room because he hollers. Loudly, and ALL OF A SUDDEN. My life expectancy is short enough already, thank you.) And when I scrolled down past the sporting events and a few episodes of "Deadwood," I was rewarded with this page, from the last season, which for some reason really cracked me up:My tough-guy husband is a sci-fi geek. Hee-hee. There are also, at the very bottom of this menu, several hours' worth of original "Star Trek" and "The Andy Griffith Show" episodes. He's an enigma, is that man. But I've long ago resigned myself to his love of those shows, and in fact, even began this blog with a Star Trek anecdote.

NOW--I realize that not everyone is a slave to the idiot-box, nor has, or wants, a DVR (or even a television, for that matter), so I'm offering an alternative challenge...and I KNOW you have a refrigerator. Skip the freezer compartment; we'll save that for another time. Same assignment:: Go fling it open, and get a snapshot. Look--mine's not even clean!Nope, not a fresh green vegetable in sight (there are FROZEN ones, though, I swear), but those onions! Alex bought those onions, and they must have come from the "produce the size of your head" section. The people who stocked this refrigerator, these are the kind of people who probably watch "Wife Swap." Click the image for the fascinating details, and send or post your own snapshots. The world wants to know what you eat and watch...or if you're one of those weirdos who keep batteries in the refrigerator! (This is the part where you pretend that this whole concept is kitschy, fun, and interesting, and NOT at all stupid, desperate and boring.) Again,, or posted on your own site, with linkage here in the comments, OR best of all, join the flickr group, I DARE YOU!.


  1. Okay, I did my fridge, which you can see at my blog.

  2. Belinda. I thought you were my friend. I thought you cared about me. Sob. I'm so disallusioned. You have season 5 of 24 recorded on your dvr and you have not made a copy for me, your friend, your pal, your buddy, your incredibly addicted to 24 friend who cannot see season 5 because Netflix doesn't offer it because it's NOT OUT ON DVD YET. Do you hear the angst? The depression? The feeling of want? Or need? Puhleese... I'll cook and bake for you. I'll do anything. I'll grovel. Because I am that much of a Jack Bauer junkie and I'm jonesing and cannot wait until JANUARY.

    Don't have tivo or DVD, but I'm watching gray's anatomy right now. And my fridge... it is currently in serious disaster mode and I'm not showing anyone anything until I clean it out after Rosh Hashona.

    Oh, and my verification word is pupyz. Isn't that karma?

  3. Waaaaaaa......I don't have a TiVo.

    BUT! I DO have a fridge! I'm off to post it right now.

  4. I played too.

  5. I didn't play along, but I just HAVE to beg for a copy of that episode of wife swap! I don't watch TV at all usually, but I have heard such rave reveiws for this episode that I simply MUST see it!

    Can people burn off cds of TV shows from their DVRs? The questiopns never cease. *chuckle*

  6. FIRST THINGS FIRST: The "I DARE YOU!" flickr group is live, with only my one lonely little pic in it. So go, and add yours if you flickr, and email it to me ( if you don't, OR I can lift it off your site. I also wrote some notes for some other little ideas that could turn into great fun if we took turns "hosting" this bad boy. Check it out and see what you think: I DARE YOU!

    whims: I don't know exactly what it takes to burn CDs off the DVRs, but I'm pretty sure we can do it, maybe with another in-between step added. But I do recall Alex getting very excited at the prospect when it first came up. And I WISH I had a copy of the ridiculous pirate people (honestly, this was just the lamest lifestyle, and if I were their kids I'd be SO embarrassed that my parents insisted not only on talking/dressing like pirates, but referring to themselves as "Mad Sally" and "Chumbucket Charlie" or whatever. They were just OUT THERE. And then the OCD family that super-organized and labeled EVERYTHING...that would be rough to live with, too, but the pirates had fleas, so I'd have to go with the labeler. BUT there were two episodes that night, and the line I will never, ever forget is from the first one, which featured an anal-retentive, compulsive-cleaning dad. He said, and I quote: "Oh, well, women are just like puppy dogs. They do something right, you give 'em a treat; toss 'em a dollar bill. They get the idea eventually." Wanna bet HE is fun to be married to, and that as his wife, you get a lot of respect?

    deodand, I loved your fridge AND your taste in movies!

    karen, I already posted the longest comment in the universe at your site. Now get your pic up on flickr!

    margalit: Next time, TELL me if there is something you're missing, and if I watch it, I'll save it for you. And as for the being too chicken to show your fridge, well...CHICKEN. Please. Is this the woman who showed photo evidence when she got her HAND STUCK in her disposal? Get over it and get your pics up.

    Kim, loved your impossibly neat fridge, too! You're not taking any chances on coming home to spoiled food after your trip!

  7. Okay I'll get my pic on Flickr, but I did want to tell you thank you for the link love on AK Times, AND I saw that Wife Swap. MY GOODNESS doesn't seem like words enough for that mess. Wow.

  8. I like this challenge, but I'm sticking with the TiVo, not the fridge.

    Check it out on my blog.

  9. You dare ME?! Ha! I scoff in the face of dares. Don't you know that? Hasn't the last week proven anything to you?

    Right, so here is the link to my post. And I also uploaded my photos to the Dare group on Flickr.

  10. Your new look is a great combination of old and new -- and so much more readable!

    OK, I saw that the lovely Karen also participated so I had to leap in and expose my backside. Check my fridge out at

  11. I sent mine in. Don't laugh. I have not made a daily call in almost a year!!

  12. If Hil and Karl are in...I'm so with my Tivos.

  13. Best.

    Loved this challenge and dare or whatever it is, LOL. I posted both mine and my husbands on my site...yeah, quite the difference, hah!

  14. OK, mine's up, and I added the photos to the Flickr pool!

  15. I don't have Tivo or DVR....and I'd show my fridge but my husband would KILL me. :)

  16. I also do not have TIVO or DVR but, the last thing I watched on TV was Dancing With the Stars. I know, I know, it's a little embarassing.

  17. MARGALIT!!! - You will cook and Bake for us?? COOOOLL. I'll get started copying 24 tonight. Just let Belinda know where to send it.

  18. Your fridge is so clean! Mine's a mess. I love the huge bottles of Omega fatty acids for the dogs - we have the same stuff, only in smaller bottles. Great idea!

    I did it, and I posted the pictures to my Flickr account, Pupsickle, and also at my new blog at Pupsie (name tentative - I'm looking for something better!)

    Gosh, I hope I did the URL linkie thing right. I never get the html right.

  19. Erin--The Udo's Oil is WAY too precious for the dogs; it's all OURS! But seriously, the taste: NOT. GOOD. Udo's is in those dark brown glass bottles, and has to stay cold from production through consumption, unless you freeze it for up to 3 months, I believe. The dogs don't need an EFA supplement if they're on Volhard, because it's there, in the ingredients and in the fresh raw meat. And here I'm complaining about the Udo's oil taste--you should get a load of the cod liver oil they make for dogs. WOW. I never even tasted it, but just the smell used to KNOCK ME OUT.

    The dogs don't really even need the probiotics, I only use those in times of stress, like pregnancy, nursing, then in puppies, through weaning and teething, showing, etc. Just a little "boost."

    You have much better foods in your fridge. Mine is more boring. I love the giant sack o' cilantro.

  20. I had a go too, having seen the challenge over at Andrea's. You all have a lot of milk in your fridges.

    I tried to post a picture onto the Flickr group but I've used up my monthly allowance so if you want to see then you'll have to hop over to mine and see what a atypical English fridge looks like.

  21. Hi Belinda. Don't know if you got the message, but feel free to post my picture up to Flickr to go with the group if you need to fill 5 mins of your recuperation